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This is a summary of the issues covered by VWR-7974. The idea is to pull all of the issues together into one place, and look at the whole landscape rather than tunnel in on specific issues in isolation.

General issues

  • VWR-5370 - Detached "Contacts" panel cannot be hidden/closed via menu or shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-F)
  • VWR-5723 - Snapshot to Disk shortcut binds to the wrong key on UK keyboards
  • VWR-9967 - Ctrl-Alt-Arrow camera controls do not work in some desktop environments
  • VWR-5577 - CTRL+ALT+F1 lacking in Windlight versions - Hide Show UI essential for Filming
  • VWR-3925 - give the snapshot-hotkey an other
  • VWR-1541 - Shortcut key Ctrl-` cannot be entered on Japanese version of Windows with 104 keyboard
  • VWR-349 - Change keyboard shortcuts, because entering { [ ] } on German and some other international keyboards (AltGr 7, 8, 9, 0) triggers Rendering Features accelerators Ctrl-Alt-7, 8, 9, 0 (previously resulting in unstable viewer)
  • VWR-10441 - Local Chat not accessable via keyboard in Build 100000
  • VWR-10490 - viewer locks up after teleport while user interface is turned off
  • VWR-9623 - Viewer ignoring "Hide Second Life" and other hiding operations
  • VWR-5280 - Shortcuts for moving camera and moving objects are way to similar
  • VWR-5117 - Shortcut for Groups CTRL SHIFT G
  • VWR-6093 - Ctrl-Alt-R does not seem to work if SL is windowed, when maximized it rebakes textures as expected.
  • VWR-1266 - CTRL-P does not close preferences window
  • VWR-3679 - New Search window does not behave like other windows
  • VWR-10396 - crtl-H and menu 'View' > 'Local Chat' toggle communicate window instead of local chat (when torn off)
  • VWR-10485 - Canot get access to the advanced mode
  • VWR-10700 - "CTRL ALT SHIFT -" key combination
  • VWR-26790 - IM Keyboard shortcuts missing from 2.x/3.x
  • VWR-27446 - Ctrl W does not properly close IM tabs using tabbed IM in 2.x/3.x


  • VWR-9473 - CMD-OPT-F1 or CMD-OPT-Shift-F1 shortcut to Hide/Show UI Does Not Work Correctly Under MAC OSX 10.5.5 Leopard
  • VWR-2232 - Mac keyboard shortcuts don't respect non-QWERTY layout
  • VWR-6006 - Keyboard maping error on MAC with viewer SecondLife_1_19_1_4.dmg: Ctrl-Click (No mose present) no longer provides the same result as Right click when using a mousr with two buttons. No way to "Touch" an object unless two button mouse is used.
  • VWR-4611 - Mac Client - Incorrect Shortcut for World Map
  • VWR-1676 - Cmd+A causes the viewer to quit with french keyboards (Mac OS)
  • VWR-9032 - chat-line key commands "cmd-H" and "esc" have a double layout on a Mac
  • VWR-5635 - cmd-opt-shift-1 shortcut non working
  • VWR-8693 - Cmd+H causes SL to Hide in OS X instead of bringing up Local Chat
  • VWR-6197 - Mac: Allow Command+comma to open Preferences


  • VWR-2085 - Ctrl-Alt-F1 Hide/Show UI Does Not Work Correctly Under Linux
  • VWR-9966 - Ctrl-Alt-Fn shortcuts unusable on Linux