Kiss-a-Linden and Kiss-a-Volunteer Event 2011

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It's almost Valentine's Day, and we want to share the love with the community with our annual Kiss-a-Linden / Kiss-a-Volunteer event, taking place Monday, February 14, 2011. That’s right—an entire day to hug, kiss, and cuddle your fellow Residents and Lindens!

We big-red-heart our community volunteers! So, we're inviting volunteers to sign up below to take a turn in our volunteer kissing booths along with the Lindens so we can all show them our love for all they do all year long to make Second Life special. This is open to all community volunteers: mentors, RHN volunteers, wiki/KB/SL Answers contributors, Linden Lab event volunteers--everyone. Please be aware that this event has a General Maturity Rating, so have a wonderful time but please behave according to the maturity rating.

We've got two heart-shaped islands ready for action. If you choose to sign up for smooching, please arrive at the Isle of View first. If it's crowded, please head on over to the Isle of View Too so we can spread out the love and enjoy each other in a lag-free environment.

Valentine's Day Kiss A Linden / Kiss a Volunteer Event
2011 Kiss-a-Volunteer Schedule (Times listed are Pacific/SLT)
Isle of View:
Isle of View Too:

Time Volunteer Name Volunteer Name Volunteer Name Volunteer Name Volunteer Name Volunteer Name Volunteer Name
7AM-8AM Umeki Yokosuka SarahJane Rotaru Ms Kitty Diana Renoir
8AM-9AM Kev Sweetwater Pooky Amsterdam Silken Wilder Diana Renoir
9AM-10AM Dawny Daviau Chantal Harvey Veleda Lorakeet Toxic Menges Slim Warrior GOLAN Eilde

10AM-11AM Dawny Daviau CallieDel Boa Karmannghia McGinnis Toxic Menges GOLAN Eilde
11AM-12PM Ivy Lane CallieDel Boa Melvin Starbrook Karmannghia McGinnis
12PM-1PM Slatan Dryke Brigitte Beaumont
1PM-2PM SarahJane Rotaru Slatan Dryke Brigitte Beaumont
2PM-3PM SarahJane Rotaru
3PM-4PM SarahJane Rotaru Stilt Beaches
4PM-5PM BubbaC John Stilt Beaches
5PM-6PM Chantal Harvey Uriel Aeon TheQ Jenkins Saxet Uralia
6PM-7PM Pooky Amsterdam Imnotgoing Sideways Charlotte Bartlett Saxet Uralia Baal Infinity