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On March 2nd, 2011, Linden Lab opened its new Community Platform for forums, blogs, and the Second Life Knowledge Base. We are migrating most of the articles in the KB to the new platform. Very technical articles, and those that contain official policy, product, or pricing information will remain on the wiki, the latter in the "Linden Lab Official" namespace.

Article survey

Before migrating articles from the wiki, we are reviewing them to ensure we don't waste time on articles that are completely out of date. We will either delete or archive old outdated content. Some articles may be generally accurate, but just need updating for Viewer 2; we will move these and update them in the Lithium system.

Broadly, there are two sets of articles to review:

The end result of this whole process is that every KB and LLO article should either:

  • Move to the community platform
  • Remain on the wiki in the LLO namespace (locked from general editing except by Lindens)
  • Remain on the wiki in the main namespace (open for editing by anyone)
  • Be deleted or archived; use Template:Archive to mark article as archived.

Landing page: Official Information and Policies Portal.


See Knowledge Base Label Translations.

These are the labels defined so far in new community platform :

  • Abuse and Griefing
  • Account
  • Avatar
  • Billing
  • Buying and Selling
  • Communication
  • Community platform
  • Content Creation
  • Controls
  • Customer support
  • Getting Started
  • Groups
  • Inventory
  • Knowledge Base
  • Land
  • Linden dollars (L$)
  • Maturity
  • Navigation
  • Reference
  • Search (added 4/21/11)
  • Social

Candidates for new labels

Here are some others that we should discuss:

  • Media, music, and sound - too specific?
  • Troubleshooting - this doesn't seem terribly useful as a label. Some of this can go into Answers.
  • Technical - How about "System, hardware, and performance"
    • Network related issues
    • Hardware and OS issues
    • Performance

Migration batches

We are doing the migration in batches. The first batch consisted of 83 articles in English, plus a number of translated articles in German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, for a total of 212 articles. See Category:Knowledge_Base_2 for a complete list.

Second batch

Third batch


Redirecting articles

In most cases, it makes sense to redirect an article rather than deleting it. Use Widget:Redirect for this.