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Bay City TSL Parcel Pre-Order List



The Fine Print

  • You have until July 1st to claim your parcel as listed here. If it is not claimed by that time, it will be set to "sell to anyone".
  • We've done our best to honor requests for size, proximity and number of parcels, per the order form. As such, this parcel list is final...please don't ask a Linden for a different parcel.
  • All Bay City sims allow for 2x prims.
  • Parcels cannot be divided or joined.
  • All sales are final.

The List

(in alphabetical order)

1000 Carlos - Barnstable parcel G

Aeterno Bravin - Harwich parcel 3V and adjacent

Alex Harbinger - Tisbury parcels 2aa, 2w

Alister Harrington - Harwich parcel 3L

Andrew Montagne - Dennis parcel 4gg and adjacent

Ars Torok - Truro parcel 2jj minus

Atticus Nirpaw - Brewster parcel 2x and adjacent

Astro Condor - Barsntable parcel HH and adjacent

Austen Indigo - Harwich parcel 3C, 3D

Blue Backbite - Truro parcel 2w

Boa Kirax - Dennis parcel 4ll and adjacent

Bob Bailly - Harwich parcels 3J, 3K, 3N

Brian30 Cortes - Sconset parcel 3A, 3G

Brooke Barmy - Truro parcel 2z

Calade Lamington - Sandwich parcel AA and adjacent

Cexxy Littlething - Maddequet parcel 4qq and adjacent

Chilko Tardis - Sconset parcels 3E, 3F

Chrome Darkes - Mashpee parcels 4n, 4o

Cody Bracken - Dennis parcel 4v and adjacent

Cory Bjornson - Tisbury parcel 2dd and adjacent

Commerce Sellers

Debaser Woodget - Edgartown parcels P, S

Doug Falta - Maddequet parce 4b

Dusty Roff - already found his >_>

Emporer Spitteler - Mashpee City parcel 4ll and adjacent

En Bergbahn - Truro parcel 2e

Eragon Li - Truro parcel 2hh minus

Eric Mauvaise - Mashpee - parcel 4b, 4d and adjacent

Eriksson Hawks - Truro parcel 2gg minus

Fred Kinsei - Barnstable parcel U

Geeky Han - Tisbury parcels 2cc, 2u

Gello Canning - Barnstable parcels M,N

Gerald Perhaps - Brewster parcels 2i, 2e

Ghirardell McDowwll - Truro parcel 2v

Goku Neumann - Truro parcel 2q

Gracie Finsbury - Truro parcel 2ee plus

Grimreaper Kyomoon - Sconset parcel 3N

Hiroth Aabye - Brewster parcels 2bb, 2y

Iron Acronym - Brewster parcel 2n, 2o

ironinjax andrew - Mashpee parcel 4q and adjacent

Jaden Oceanlane - Truro parcel 2l

Jason Venera - Dennis parcel 4r and adjacent

Jay Clostermann - Sandwich parcel L

Jacob Primeau - Sconset parcel 3DD and adjacent

Jefferson Emmons - Tisbury parcels 2m, 2n

Jimmy Inglewood - Edgartown parcel AA and adjacent

Jon Daikon - Orleans parcel 3BB, and adjacent

Kaeman Demar - Sandwich parcel KK plus

kekaiyu kanno - Truro parcel 2j

Kitty Qunhua - Truro parcel 2o

Krypt Aeon - Orleans parcels 3T, 3X, 3DD

Kyrunami Spyker - Truro parcel 2dd

Litoralis Alter - Truro parcel 2bb

Lord Ravikumar - Truro parcel 2f

Malifico Bade - Brewster parcels 2q, 2v

mikey Hak - Sandwich parcels V, W

Mikey Parx - Sconset parcel 3Y and adjacent

Mikkel Mercy - Harwich parcel 3M

Minidude Saule - Edgartown parcel N and adjacent

Mortimer Starostin - Truro parcel 2n

Neo Koga - Edgartown parcel II and adjacent

peyton Seomun - Truro parcel 2b

Puck Rinkitink - Maddequet parcel 4s

Reed Zerbino - Edgartown parcel CC and adjacent

Rob scheflo - Barnstable parcel JJ

Ryan Haifisch - Truro parcel 2aa

Sebastian Ogg - Barnstable parcel L

Sharifa Morenz - Barnstable parcel R

Shaun Banshee - Harwich parcel 3Q

Silus Dagger - Truro parcel 2m

Sin Kovacs - Brewster parcel 2p, 2U and adjacent

Skathirev Radek - Truro parcel 2i

Skye Mehler - Brewster parcels 2j, 2k

SNIM Outlander - Edgartown parcel BB and adjacent

Spark Kirax - Mashpee parcel 4w and adjacent

Sparkles Runo - Maddequet parcel 4nn and adjacent

Steven Wilberg - Harwich parcel 3DD and adjacent

Storm Basiat - Tisbury parcel 2bb

Sylver Bu - Mashpee parcel 4u

Syn Swindlehurst - Sandwich parcel M and adjacent

Taylor Wynn - Dennis parcel 4s

TC Flintoff - Sandwich parcel H and adjacent

Ty Dejavu - Orleans parcel 3LL and adjacent

Tylerferland Brown - Dennis parcel 4d

UnlimitedT Damone - Tisbury parcel 2r

wanderer Cerveau - Mashpee parcel 4kk, 4hh, 4cc, 4x

Xanthos Exonar - Barnstable parcel BB and adjacent

Zac Okelly - Maddequet parcel 4ff and adjacent

ZacNick Arrow - Sandwich parcels Y, BB

Zaith Hax - Orleans parcels 3L, 3M, 3Q

Zeak Binder - Barnstable parcel Y

Zebeker Serevi - Tisbury parcel 2c and adjacent

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