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LSL Editor may or may not have feature parity with LSL Editor Community Edition. This article may be outdated.

LSL Editor Community Edition Source Forge: LSL Editor

There is an issue list at LSLEditorBugs.

LSL-Editor is a standalone Windows LSL script editor and run-time environment.

  • Code highlighting (including Brackets matching)
  • Code auto completion (Like Visual Studio)
  • Auto insert events
  • Argument information on functions (typing)
  • Tabbed or MDI interface
  • LSLWiki or SecondLife color scheme
  • The usual editing functions
  • Block commenting/uncommenting
  • Tooltip on keywords (LSL-Editor contains complete LSL guide!)
  • Auto-indent (using tabs or SecondLife indent scheme)
  • Help, on every keyword, uses www.LSLwiki.NET information
  • Compiling and execute outside SecondLife world
  • Breakpoints and stepping coming in a future version
  • llDialog input screen
  • Printing
  • You don't have to install the program, just unzip and use it. (Requires .NET 2.x.)
  • Updated on frequently, so check your update button

Windows XP , Windows 2000 , Windows 2003, probably Vista

Feature Wishlist

  • Inventory simulation: Would be nice if the inventory functions of LSL could be simulated by putting dummy objects into a dummy inventory. No further attributes (except maybe type) would have to be supported.
  • Linked prim simulation: Would be nice if an object consisting of several linked prims could be simulated. No further attributes beyond link id would have to be supported. Flags like LINK_ALL_OTHERS or LINK_ALL_CHILDREN would be nice to have.