LSL Function Style/Celierra Darling

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Creates an annoying animation
boolean success
integer pokes
string descriptiveName
list parameterList
key target
vector position
Delay 0
Energy 10
Complexity O(n3)
(or n/a)
Function ID -1
Related to:
llListen, llListenRemove, llListenControl (example for listen())

llList2Integer, etc. (example for all those List2X functions)

This page is in progress and nowhere near done yet

This is the lede (yes, lede is a word) and should give a short overview of the function. This LSL function takes in a number of pokes, a name for the animation, a list of parameters (see below table), the key of an avatar, and the position from which the giant hand should appear. It caused the specified damaged to be poked repeatedly, for massive damage.

Todo is under Notes.


The exact behavior of the function, its preconditions (how its arguments must be formatted and what it expects the world to look like), postconditions (how the return value is formatted), side effects (what happens in-world), etc.

Unlike lede paragraph, has less high-level abstraction and more nitty-gritty, corner cases, error conditions, etc.

Ex. Channel number must be between x and y. Channel 0 is main, everyone can hear. Negatives are okay, and only objects can speak to negative channels.

Parameter list

Constants, flags, etc, what is accepted into an ambiguously-typed parameter (lists, bitflags). Constants used in multiple places should be linked to their articles.


Common misunderstandings, mistakes, etc.

  • Listens are removed when changing state
  • The function returns a handle that should be used to manually remove the listen
  • Causes lag if you listen too many
  • Max number
  • etc.


Short examples, blah blah, should try to demonstrate all the caveats, though not necessarily in one script. Maybe some creative uses should go here too. Should avoid any script that uses many other functions - examples should probably be single-purpose for this specific function and be as clear as possible.


Anything obscure that isn't covered above. Whispers go 10m, normal talking goes 20m, shouting goes 100m.


  • Finish everything
  • Templatize
  • Make sample text for a real, complicated function
  • Add cool things like
    • More modularity
    • Collapsible raw data tables


Design document, functional spec, test scripts, related functions - for LL use, mostly (see how they did llEmail).

See Also

  • listen
  • etc.
  • ...
  • A box with list of closely-related articles (especially for things like particles or listen)
  • ...loosely-related articles (all string-manipulation, for example)
  • ...major LSL (only function?) categories
  • ...SL Wiki portals (?)
  • (don't necessarily need this many boxes)

Categories go at the bottom (here).