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LSL Game Control is a way for scripts in vehicles and attachments to use game controller input from devices such as Xbox, PS4/5 and joysticks. This feature will allow users to create things like vehicles that behave more realistically by using analog input values from a Bluetooth gamepad in addition to discrete key-press events. For example, a helicopter could more delicately maneuver, using input from the analog stick rather than WASD on a keyboard. This functionality is not limited to vehicles and can be used for many more applications.

👉 For information about the LSL event and writing scripts that use game control see: game_control.

KBcaution.png Note As of 2023/10/24 this feature is available to test on the beta (Aditi) grid using a pre-release viewer available for windows only. macOS support will be added soon.


  1. Download and install the installer from Github
  2. Enable game control input on the viewer from Preferences > Game Control > Send GameControl Data to server
  3. Visit one game control enabled regions listed in the Aditi Regions section below


Aditi Regions