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This is a place holder for the discussion page.


Questions about how to and why certain things are styled as they are.


Q: Why are some integer constants written in hexadecimal and others in decimal notation?
A: Patterns. No constant is an island, they all exists within a larger context. Some constants are intended to be OR'ed, some are just simple counting numbers, sometimes the notation can give hints as to how you can manipulate the answer. Some examples:
  • PARCEL_FLAG_USE_ACCESS_LIST - Written in hexadecimal to show the pattern of it and its siblings. In the table they are extra wide to aid in the reading.
  • llSetCameraParams - Written in decimal notation, the flags are consecutively allocated.
  • llParticleSystem is a good example where both notations are used for constants. Different constants used within the function have different relationships.

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