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Restrained Love

The Restrained Love viewer is an alternative to the Second Life viewer, mostly aimed at enhancing BDSM play. It is aimed at making restraints more secure and more restrictive, by giving the "top" more tools to keep the "bottom" under control.

It is operated through llOwnerSay calls in LSL scripts, by reacting when the message sent through this call is formatted in a special way. However llOwnerSay is obviously limited to objects the user of the viewer owns, mainly attachments.

Restrained Love Relay

This is why the makers of objects that are not supposed to be owned by their users (cages, public furniture, traps, teleporters...) need to rely on said users to wear an object that will "relay" the commands from chat to llOwnerSay... this is the purpose of this specification.

This specification is aimed at giving a simple and clear way to let any furniture work with any relay, both being made and distributed (free or for a price) by different people who do not have to coordinate to make the system work.

Making a furniture compliant with this specification is meant to be very easy, but making a relay (which is the nexus of the system) is unfortunately much harder. Several implementations exist and are kindly provided by several members of the BDSM community of SL.

Who maintains this specification ?

This specification has been initially written by Marine Kelley in the purpose of staying mostly static, so people do not have to review their code all the time. It has been maintained by the community for about a year but is now back under Marine Kelley's responsibility.

Special kudos to Maike Short for all the work she did on the page, reorganizing it, helping with the specification, the sample code, discussing with people... she really did a lot. It would not be the same without her precious help. An unfortunate turn of events forced her to leave SL, and she will be missed, but not forgotten. Thank you Maike.