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Script protocols and known chat channels

Some times, scripts in Second Life send messages to one another to exchange information or coordinate behavior. The rules for that conversation are a protocol. Being able to say "/1show" or "/1hug lee" are examples.

Such protocols use a common chat channel. The examples above use channel 1. They could just as easily have used any other number, but a user (and other objects) have to have some way to find the correct number.

Some protocols, such as combat systems, are quite complicated and could be better documented. This page can be used to help prevent conflicts and allow multiple programmers to coordinate the protocol definitions.

Protocols can also be note card systems and systems that use object names.

Protocol list

Add a protocol here if it is widely used, or might be sometime in the future.

A protocol in this list should also have its own pages where the protocol is defined in some detail.

Name Creator Description
Teleport Helper Protocol Darling Brody Teleporter Helper Protocol.
Cool Hud Henri Beauchamp Universal Hud protocol.
DataBot Siann Beck A protocol for specifying custom avatar information.
EasyTalk Salahzar Stenvaag |Very Easy and simple communication protocol. Use it to simply coordinate llSay/llRegionSay/llListen objects, as well as linked set
LockGuard Lillani Lowell A protocol designed for creating and linking particle chains from one object to another
ListMessage Anonymous Send and receive lists, non-lists, non-results, verb-not-found, and partially evaluated Polish expressions.
LockMeister System Kyrah Abattoir Simple 'ping-style' protocol to detect particle chain targets on avatar attachments.
Multi Love Pose v2 Lear Cale Pose Ball Rezzing and Menuing kit (see menu to the right of linked page for indepth spec/protocol)
nPose Nandana Singh Furniture Posing Menuing kit (does not use pose balls)
OpenMAIP Ganymede Ceriaptrix Note: Specification is presently incomplete. Ganymedia OpenMAIP (Metaverse Application Internetworking Protocol) provides a TCP/IP-like routing and service-oriented message exchange protocol across multiple transport methods (including cross-simulator and cross-grid); allowing scripts to advertise their available functions, and relevant commands, to external and/or third-party scripts and viewers. Controlled access to closed functions is provided via RC4 challenge-response authentication. OpenMAIP also provides an optional RC4 cryptography layer, further extensible to public-private key DHSS.
P Vendor Linked Messages API & Environment Zep Palen Allows an owner of the P Vendor system to develope custom vendors and use the API for input/output
RestrainedLove viewer API Marine Kelley Use the features of the RestrainedLove viewer through llOwnerSay() calls.
RestrainedLove viewer relay spec Marine Kelley Allow your furniture or cages to issue commands to the user's RestrainedLove viewer
RestrainedLove viewer open relay spec Open Relay Group A superset of the RestrainedLife viewer relay spec with useful extensions created and maintained by the community.
Ratany fine Engineering Device Interface Protocol Ratany Resident An extensible protocol for detecting and communicating with compliant devices (objects): rfedip.
Script API Nexii Malthus A protocol to provide a useful communication layer between LSL scripts and supported clients, as well as a useful and purposeful feature set. (Vertical Life and Plywood clients currently)
Teacup (LSL HTTP Server) Void Singer An LSL Web Page Server for serving HTML content solely from within SL using shared media (Spec, protocols, linked examples)
Open Radio Communication Kyrah Abattoir A barebone "binary like" radio protocol with interferences and crosstalk.

Known chat channels

This list is intended to reduce the number of scripts using the same chat channel number. Please try and keep them in sequence. Note that the absence of a channel reservation in this list does not mean that channel will never be used - some scripts choose channels randomly from a very, very large range, sometimes a range of all possible channels. Always design your communication protocols such that invalid/interfering messages are disposed of.

Channel Creator Description Messages
1, 4, 5, 9 Unknown Very common in poseballs "hide", "show"
3 katie.paine rf gag - also used by Darie's gag scripts
4 Mo Noel (Depreciated: Default channel for chat redirection like in gags or other voice manipulating tools)
5 Psistorm Ikura PsiCorp Products
6 Grumble Loudon pre-appended text and say it. "/6 hello" becomes "/me Lion says: hello"
8 Henri Beauchamp Cool Collar command channel
8 unknown Lulu cuffs / gags ..
9 DCS And Most Modern SLRPG Frame Works Command channel for user commands for Combat Systems/ SLRPG Frameworks like DCS /9on /9 reset /9<power> etc
10 ACE BnT/IntLibber Brautigan Ancapistan Capital Exchange ATM user interface channel "balance","withdraw","help"
10, 11, 12 Bettie Binder doll life renamer
11 Racheal Young Default channel of chat commands for Barre & Rachael Rockers Products
11 Mo Noel Default channel of chat command interface of MoDesign products
12 Unknown title and status of damage meter (combat system)
13 Daisy Rimbaud evil titler
14 Mo Noel Default channel for chat redirection like in gags or other voice manipulating tools
15 Mo Noel Default channel for emote redirection like in gags or other voice manipulating tools
17 Susan Daviau Susan's relay
19 Cloe DEM rename
20 Unknown SafeZone interface (combat system)
20 Bettie Binder doll life dollyteer
21 Bettie Binder doll life
22 Henri Beauchamp Cool Cuffs command channel
22 unknown OOC Textiness. Says what you type.
22 Corvan Nansen Chat Enhancer. Out Of Character speech.
26 Agnes Paine Command channel for restraints
33 Henri Beauchamp Cool Nipples command channel
33 unknown Collar
35 Corvan Nansen Chat Enhancer Command channel.
36 Corvan Nansen Ultimate Titler Command channel.
42 unknown Common channel used by wiki example scripts
42, 55, 66, 77 Psistorm Ikura Aventity avatar scripts
44 Corvan Nansen Chat Enhancer. In Character speech.
45, 54 Ilobmirt Tenk FOSSL Vending System Client/Server default command channel
55 Henri Beauchamp Cool Chastity Belt command channel
63 FlipperPA Peregrine FlipTitle and "Flip mod" Franimation commands
66 Travis Lambert BanLink default chat command channel
66 Henri Beauchamp Cool Diaper command channel
66 Corvan Nansen Chat Enhancer. In Character emotes.
69 Henri Beauchamp Cool Penis & Cool Pussy command channel
77 Marine Kelley Real Restraints and similar BDSM equipment
77 Xarrk Dagger KAIIA Systems devices default chat command channel
77 Mars Tamale Mars Ring
88 Cadroe Murphy Used by ShapeGen and other building tools
88 Corvan Nansen Chat Enhancer. Narration channel.
88 Sharie Criss Owners plugin for Marine Kelley's Real Restraint equipment. Chat command channel.
99 unknown Dance Bracelets
100 Mo Noel Channel used to ask the user for chat line entries from within usual dialog sessions
100-999 (Randomly chosen periodically) Corvan Nansen Ultimate Titler. Title setting channel.
777 Hank Ramos Universal Translator: channel to allow users to open a dialog-box using a chat command on channel #777. Only accepted command on this channel is "translator" and all other chat is ignored. Allows user to silently bring up dialog by hiding command as "/777 translator".
888 Xarrk Dagger KAIIA Systems device identification channel
2776 Tdub Dowler, Riden Blaisdale Used for transmitting a csv list of keys for use in sim wide radars
4123 - 4130 Lastro Greenwood Used by the Life Support System
9001, 908070 Mystical Cookie MystiTool gesture commands, patch installers
10748, -10748 Lee Ponzu Commonly used in scripts by Ponzu
31984 Coraa Prior ACME interface (combat system)
88225 Ana Imfinity Used by SLGI scripts
515001 Pae Sinister PaePaeBoom fireworks sequencer-to-launcher comm channel.

Known negative chat channels

Channel Creator Description Messages
-666 Dimentox Travanti DCS: Unit to Hud Status Update Channel
-786 Sly Sly's Modified Gear Communications Channel
-8888 Kyrah Abattoir LockMeister Communications Channel
-9119 Lillani Lowell LockGuard Communications Channel
-10xxx Ayelin Ethaniel Communication channel of ::Wild Pets:: systems. Commonly generated automatically between -10000 -10999.
-30000,-30001 Corvan Nansen Update station broadcast and coordination channels
-248177 Corvan Nansen Bane Custodian communications. Used by the Custodian to communicate with the Bane Hood.
-426956 Ganymede Ceriaptrix Ganymedia Open Metaverse Application Internetworking Protocol (OpenMAIP): Broadcast Communications Channel (MAIP_BROADCAST). Used for public OpenMAIP service discovery queries. Region-wide. See the Ganymedia OpenMAIP v1.0 Specification for further information.
-504xxx Gal Canning only whispered inter-prim communication
-888888 Henri Beauchamp Cool Hud communications channel
-1xxxxxx Corvan Nansen Update management channel for coordination between items to be updated and an update orb. Randomly chosen and temporary.
-2766532 Hank Ramos Universal Translator: "back-channel" for inter-translator communications. This is an encrypted channel that passes translation and command-control messages between translators that are linked together to spread the translation load and HTTP communications.
-20131224 Ratany Resident Default channel for Ratany fine Engineerings Device Interface Protocol
-42000000 Nexii Malthus OpenLayout collaborative edge snapping standard for HUDs
-828983023 Very Keynes VK-NET Public Channel for Inter Network Communication and Local Network Address Acquisition.
-1812221819 Marine Kelley RestrainedLove relay communications channel
-1192zzzxxx Asbrandt Resident Internal Comms range for all projects : Z = Integer Project ID - Use of X range varies : All Comms are Headered with the Project ID : Some further info on User Page.