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Grumble The Lion

Leave a note if you have any questions or coments.

I am a computer programer in RL and write motion control code for a laser cutting company.

Links to Pages

  1. Protocol Protocol page.
  2. AutoBahn Public roads that can be auto navigated by scripts
  3. Chat relay relay llShout messages past 100m
  1. AutoBahn Car Road Scripts and examples
  2. AutoBahn Car Car Scripts and examples

Other neet pages that need better links to

To Do List

  1. llGetCreatorKey Wish list function


add comments Hey Grumble, I work for my school, building stages for second life concerts, and I wanted to see if I could use your autobahn protocol for a roller coaster above one of the stages. Thing is also, I'm kinda new to scripting, and I was wondering if you had any resources that could help me out. -Thanks, Ronn Gumbo.

reply: The autobahn protocol could be used for a train, however it would be better to use a chat based protocol now that llRegionSay() exists.