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Current logo of Wild Pets Accessories

Creator and owner of ::Wild Pets:: Accessories (recently under maintenance), targeting anthropomorphic and human-type creatures. Products are specialized to pony and petplay, using RestrainedLife Viewer capabilities and many in-world capable BDSM features.


  • As Akira Dale, resident of Second Life Since 13th June 2006 then changed to alt in 28th July 2008. In days the creator is operating under name of Ayelin Ethaniel.
  • Account Information:
    • Resident
    • Payment Info Used
    • Certified Phoenix Support
  • Volunteer in many projects. Working as supporter, scripter, texturer, modeler and animator. Ayelin's works are usually based on interactivity and functionality.


  In-World activity
  • Scenographer
    • Lighting
    • Complete scene installation
    • Interactive environment
  • Builder
    • 2D 3D Architect
    • Textures (Seamed, Seamless)
  • Scripter
    • Physics
      • Vehicle physics
        • car
        • boat
        • planes
    • Sensors
      • Listeners
      • Collisions
      • Detection
    • Common functions
  • Modeler
    • Sculpt
    • Mesh
  Off-World activity
  • Costume designer and builder
  • Programmer
    • Know languages: C#, F#, PHP, Javascript, Mysql, Html, CSS
  • Artist
    • Sculptures
    • 2D 3D Digital Arts
      • 2D 3D Animations
      • 3D Models
      • Texture Arts
      • Conceptual Arts
  • Custom Leatherworks
    • BDSM Accessories
    • Every-day and decor products
  • Electrical Engineer
    • Animatronics