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Darling Brody

Either an annoying griefer or a programmer with a passion for creating.

Darling Brody founded Quantum Products in 2006 when she made her first teleporters. The following year she branched out into weapons because there wasn't any money in selling teleporters.

Darling Brody is best known for her Quantum Core and QHUD, but still prefers to work on teleporters because "the special effects are so sparkly". To date there are dozens of different teleporters, terraforming tools, etc created by her on sale in the region QUANTUM as well as a selection of weapons too.

Most people have very strong opinions of Darling Brody. They either love her or hate her. This love/hate relationship seems to be closely linked to "who owns her weapons, and who gets owned by her weapons". Either way Darling Brody has never been punished for griefing, so her reputation as a grifer is probably just cleaver marketing ;)

While she is known to be very friendly and helpful to her customers and strangers alike, she is also known to be completely uncooperative when people are rude to her. Of course none of us would ever be silly enough to be rude to a weapons maker, right?

Darling Brody is well known by many Lindens as someone who helps to fix bugs and plug content theft methods. She is also active in the JIRA opposing changes that break content. She has often fought to have useful bugs retained as a feature, such as the longer avatar Link Distance when sitting on a prim, and retaining the JumpPos bug until the llSetRegionPos() function was completed.

She has been a long time advocate of protecting content from theft. Ironical she has fallen victim to content theft several times, having her scripts used as the base to create competing products. Most notably the Quantum Core v3 scripts were stolen, resulting in a number of copycat products hitting the market. Darling responded by tossing out the old Quantum Core v3 scripts and starting a new product line from scratch called QHUD which included script theft protection.

In 2009 darling Brody had a Real Life mental breakdown that left her homeless for several years. Her products were not updated as often while she was homeless, however they stood the test of time and remained relevant despite the infrequent updates.

Today Darling is busy writing new updates and creating new products.

As Darling says "When life gets you down, orbit yourself."