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Hank Ramos has created the following scripting projects in SL over his 10 years as a resident, all of which are currently open source on the wiki...

Universal Translator: the easiest to use translator in SL. Totally automatic and unobtrusive, so much so people don't know it's working! Keeps track of what language each person is speaking, and routes private Instant Messages to others in the area with appropriate translations between 50+ languages.

Simple Elevator in a Box just a very early example of a very simple elevator. Causes Hank no end of support calls over the ensuing 5 years since he has no control over its distribution.

Rental Cube: a simple cube for renting a stall or store. Supports refunding rent to an avatar if they wish to end the lease early.

Touring Balloon: automated flying balloon that required no user intervention other than to specify a destination. Also supported scripts laid out in a notecard for automated use. Various upgrades to the SL world made it functional and non-functional depending on the week.

Skunk Money: originally coded to show his friends that a "fair" gambling machine could be made in SL. Gambling laws outlawed it's use, so a "freeplay" version was released.

...and many, many example scripts coded for folks on the fly...