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The purpose of this and other related pages is to create an environment for the development of extensions to the existing Restrained Love Relay specification. The goal is to create an environment where ideas for extending the existing specification can be discussed openly and in the spirit of cooperation and not competition.

A stated aim of the existing relay is that the specification should not include anything that can be done in a script. The goal of this specification is to get as many of those script ideas made as open as possible so that toy builders do not have to invent new and incompatible ways of doing the same thing.

Finally, and perhaps the most important, our thanks go out to Maike Short. Her work on the existing relay specification was tireless and, appears to have been under-appreciated. Her generosity in making her relay code public enabled many others to develop their relays, using her script as a basis.

Founding Members
  • Chloe1982 Constantine
  • Ilana Debevec
  • Kira Welty
  • Kitty Barnett
  • Lyssa Daehlie
  • Maike Short
  • Monica Jewell
  • Nano Siemens
  • samatha Congrejo
  • Satomi Ahn
  • Toy Wylie