LSL Protocol/Restrained Love Open Relay Group/x-tensions Validation Process

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Proposed x-tensions should go through the following successive stages:

  • Proposal: someone proposes a new feature
  • Draft: there is a proof of concept implementation and specification
  • Accepted: a vote of board members decided the extension is accepted as an ORG x-tension.
  • Ready: a complete test set has been written and approved by 3 board members.
  • Bronze: there exists one implementation of the feature in one relay and one compatible controlling device, which both pass the test set.
  • Silver: there exists 2 interoperable implementations on each side passing the tests. One implementation either relay side or controller side has to be open source.
  • Gold: there exists 3 tested interoperable implementations both sides. There must exist at least one open source relay side implementation and one open source controller side implementation.
  • Platinum: 4 tested interoperable implementations both sides. One open source each side. Further more we require that a fully automated test suite (implemented by open source scripts) exists.

The Ready stage should be interpreted as a green light for device makers: "this x-tension is almost ready for prime time, you should really consider implementing it now".

The subsequent stages are more indicators of the level of confidence the buyer should have in the stuff (and confidence for the maker that enough compatible devices already exist).

However, those levels of confidence (from Ready to Platinum) only apply to one given version of the specification. If it is updated, new tests might have to be written, and anyway all the tests tests have to be started over. This means that any new version starts at Accepted stage.