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AKA: Faust Vollmar

An LSL Scripter with a particular interest in SLRPG frameworks and Weaponry.

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I should probably create sub-pages for my projects with a bit more comprehensive information and less rambling, but that can come later.
The project sections sound like advertising; I didn't mean it that way but that's kinda how my attempts to jot down what I do turned out.

[ NexusCS ]

  • ProjectID A00
  • This is my pet project, an SLRPG framework, it taught me LSL as I've gone along since '08, and will teach me C# when we can use it in SL.

Design Basis

  • Free and Lasting; Non-profit, No off-world Server and fully Copy+Transfer.
  • Location Owner Configurable CharacterTypes, flexible Powers system.
  • Weapon system that is Versatile, Cheat-proof, Fair and Free-use.


  • Current Version: Beta 0.8.2; updated 14.May.2014
  • Free on the SL Marketplace

Outstanding Issues

  • Due to the purely in-world design, some aspects require more effort, by both Location Owners and Players, than other similar Systems.

Design Feedback

  • Suggestions for new Power casting Modes or Types?

Relevant JIRAs

Current API includes Position/Range for AoE to account for movement between events, this would remove the need for such.

* Comm Protocol Info *

  1. [ User Input Channel ] : 9
  2. [ Internal Channel Range ] : -1192,000,xxx
  3. [ Public Protocol ] : Weapon API and Status HUD input/output. Usage will be documented.
    Channel; Weapon API = -1192000000
    Channel; Status HUD = -1192000001
    Method; = llRegionSayTo()
    Header; = "A00"
    Payload; = Single-Pipe ("|") delimited.
  4. [ Semi-Private Protocol ] : Internal System stacking detection.
    Channel; Detect API = -1192000010
    Method; = llRegionSayTo()
    Header; = "A00"
    Payload; = Single-Pipe ("|") delimited.
  5. [ Private Protocol ] : Region Server API input/output. Signed Data.
    Channel; Loadup API = -1192000011
    Method; Ping = llRegionSay()
    Method; Comms = llRegionSayTo()
    Header; = "A00"
    Payload; = Single-Pipe ("|") delimited.
  6. [ Private Protocol ] : System API input/output. Signed Data.
    Channel; System API = -1192000012
    Method; Targeted = llRegionSayTo()
    Method; Area = llSay()
    Header; = "A00"
    Payload; = Double-Pipe ("||") delimited, with Single-Pipe ("|") delimited sub-sets.

[ OpenSource Weapons Systems ]

  • ProjectID A01
  • This project was originally born of wanting my own take on the well-known LCK Weapon Scripts, but has since evolved over time into it's current state.

Design Basis

  • Two sets of Scripts (One for Melee, one for Range) that can be used for SLRPG Weapons.
  • Scripts designed for a few of the popular Combat Systems (that do not require proprietary Scripts) that may be compatible with other similar Systems.
  • Plugin API allows for some new (non-Combat System) features to be added, possibly created by third parties, without needing to edit the Core Scripts.
    New Combat System support would require modifying it into (or from) an existing MainHand Script.

Melee Weapon Scriptset

  • Current Version: 2.5.4; Updated 20.Nov.2013
  • Free on the SL Marketplace
Outstanding Issues
  • No coordination between multiple MainHand weapons.
    Lesser issue for Melee, but needs to be resolved for the Range version.
  • Menu System complicated to setup. Not useful for the Color plugin at all.

Range Weapon Scriptset

  • No Release: Working out issues with the Melee version, not well-versed in bullet rezzer design.

* Comm Protocol Info *

  1. [ User Input Channel ] : 4 (Default, configurable to use any Channel > 0)
  2. [ Dialog Menu Channel ] : -99 (Default, configurable to use any Channel)
  3. [ Internal Channel Range ] : -1192,001,xxx
  4. [ Public Protocol ] : Protocol not likely to be used, however messages are documented in the Project's packages.
    Channel; = -1192001000
    Method; = llRegionSayTo()
    Header; = "A01"
    Payload; = Single-Pipe ("|") delimited.