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  • Born: 1975
  • Name: Void is fine, "Your Majesty" or "Emperess" works too ;)
  • Location: Utah, for the moment
  • History: Started off making webpages, then scripting for webpages (jscript), went to college for a few years, studied programming and networking. I do a little of everything, from digital art, to running my own web & streaming media servers, to anything you can think of in SL.

I'm easy-going, love to help, non-judgmental, and love interesting scripting challenges =) I know a little about a lot, and a lot about very little. I'm also not very social, appreciate directness, and more than a bit random.

Helpful Bits

Resources Links

  • LSL Portal - The offical LSL wiki site.
  • - Alternate lsl wiki.
  • - Alternate lsl wiki.
  • This Space For Rent (Not really, but I'm happy to add resource links here)

Free Code

Full Programs

•  v7-D Enhanced Color Picker Dialog driven, multi-prim color picker.
•  v7-D_Advanced Visitor Greeter Low Spam, Highly Configuarable, Vistor Greeter.
•  v7-D Enhanced Landmark-2-Map Teleport selector for Landmarks within object.

Reusable Functions

•  uXORKey Bitwise XOR operation for Keys
•  uRandKey Random Key Generation
•  uBitRotLeftKey Bitwise Rotary Left Shift for keys
•  uListReverse Reverse the order of a list. Ex: ["L", "i", "s", "t"] to ["t", "s", "i", "L"].
•  uStringReverse Reverse the order of an input string. Ex: "String" to "gnirtS".
•  uUnix2StampLst Convert Unix timestamp to a list fromat. Ex: 1234567890 to [2009, 2, 13, 3, 31, 30].
•  uStamp2UnixInt Convert List timestamp to Unix format. Ex: [2009, 2, 13, 3, 31, 30] to 1234567890.
•  uUnix2WeekdayStr Get weekday string from Unix timestamp. Ex: "Friday" from 1234567890.
•  uStamp2WeekdayStr Get weekday string from ( Y, M, D ) format. Ex: "Friday" from (2009, 2, 13).
•  uInteger2Hexadecimal Convert an Integer to a Hexadecimal string (several transport formats included)
•  uSubStringLastIndex Reverse direction version of llSubStringIndex.
•  uListFindListReverse Reverse direction version of llListFindList. (kinda slow)
•  uListFindListLast Reverse direction version of llListFindList. (Only works on strings)
•  uListFindAny* Multiple target version of llListFindList. (Only works on strings)
•  uParseEquation Calculator function for parsing equations from text.


•  Teacup SIP Front End.
•  Red Tea SIP Back End.
•  Reorganize add to the data on LSL_Operators. NEEDS Operator Pages!!! Please Contribute.
•  Functional Challenge Forum Competitive Scripting Challenge (on hold until interst and new challenges are made).

Tracked Jira Articles

Issue Type-Bug.gif Bugs:

  • Status-Open.gif Open:
  • Status-Resolved.gif Resolved:
    • SVC-1210 (DEV-9153 ) - state_exit: LSL compiler should disallow state transition calls. (Won't Finish)
    • SVC-2936 (DEV-40330) - Duplicate inventory names inside objects don't append when max length reached (breaks scripts) (Fixed)
    • SVC-4518 - Hollow Shape Setting Reverts To Default on Hollow Percentage 0.0 (converted to "new feature")

Questions or Comments?

Feel free to leave me a note on my User Talk page.