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Operator Precedence (Order of Operations)

Operator Description Direction
, Separator Left to Right[1]


Element Selector
(also Variable Evaluation)

Right to Left


Direct Assignment
Addition/Concatenation Assignment
Subtraction Assignment
Division Assignment
Modulo/Cross-Product Assignment
Multiplication/Dot-Product Assignment

Right to Left[2]


List Constructor

Inner to Outer


Bitwise NOT
Logical NOT

Right to Left



Left to Right



Left to Right


Bitwise Shift Left
Bitwise Shift Right

Left to Right


Less Than
Greater Than
Less Than or Equal
Greater Than or Equal

Left to Right


NOT Equivalent

Left to Right
& Bitwise AND Left to Right
^ Bitwise eXclusive OR Left to Right
| Bitwise OR Left to Right


Logical AND
Logical OR

Left to Right[3]

Special Notes

  1. ^ Separators promote ALL operators to the left until the first unmatched, from its position, open-bracket or open-parenthesis. This precedence ONLY applies within the brackets/parenthesis containing it
  2. ^ Assignment operators promote ALL operators to the right, from its position, until the first un-bracketed/parenthesized separator, unmatched close bracket or close parenthesis, or semicolon. This precedence ONLY applies within the brackets/parenthesis containing it
  3. ^ There is no Short Circuiting of Logical Operators in LSL, both operands will be evaluated regardless.

Logical Operators

Logical Operators are operators those result is either TRUE or FAlSE.

  • insert truth tables

Bitwise Operators

Bitwise Operators are similar to Logical Operators, but act on all bits of an integer simultaneously as if they were each a Boolean value.

  • flesh this out

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