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This article contains the definitions of terms commonly used in blog posts relating to the Second Life economy.

Average Monthly Logged-In Users

This metric measures the average number of users who logged in to Second Life during each month of a given quarter.

Daily Completed Registrations

This metric measures the total number of new accounts created in a day during a given time period.

User Hours

This metric measures the total amount of time spent by Residents logged into Second Life in the quarter. It’s calculated by summing the combined length of all user sessions for the quarter.

Average Monthly Economic Participants

This metric measures the total number of Resident accounts that received or distributed L$ in the quarter. This can include: Activity from transfers between accounts

  • Merchant income
  • Tips
  • Any other L$ transactions

Average Exchange Rate

This chart shows each quarter's average exchange rate. This is the weighted average of the rates at which all LindeX transactions executed in the quarter.

Note that the exchange rate is expressed in L$/USD, meaning larger numbers represent a lower L$ value and smaller numbers represent a higher L$ value. The average rate is calculated by dividing the total L$ exchanged through the LindeX by the total US$ exchanged through the LindeX in the quarter.

L$ Supply (USD)

This metric measures the USD equivalent value of the summed inworld L$ balances for all Resident-held accounts. Summed inworld L$ balance values have been converted to US$ using each quarter's average exchange rate on the LindeX.

The L$ Supply value represents the total purchasing power of all Residents in Second Life at the end of the period.

LindeX Volume

This metric measures the gross US$ traded between accounts on the LindeX for the exchange of L$ in the quarter. Not including fees, this is the total amount all buyers paid for L$ in the quarter, which is equal to the total amount all sellers received for L$ in the same period.

Web Merchandise Sales Volume

This number represents the total amount of Linden dollars spent by shoppers on our Web-based marketplace for virtual goods that are created and sold by other users in Second Life.

World Size

This is the combined area of all enabled regions in Second Life at quarter end. This includes mainland, Linden Homes, and private regions.