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Welcome to Linden Realms, The Search for Magellan. This game continues the ongoing adventures of Magellan Linden, the legendary grid explorer. As this latest chapter in his cycle of mysterious exploits plays out, we discover clues that his funeral -- a highlight of the tale in Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches -- may have been staged as part of a more elaborate scheme. But why? Is the intrepid explorer really dead? How is Ruth, Magellan’s long-time adversary, involved? What does Punky, Magellan’s reluctant sidekick and “fixer”, know? Tyrah has found some clues in Magellan’s private journal, but important pages are missing. She needs your help to answer many questions...

The story so far

With help from Second Life residents and by reading a private journal that Magellan left accidentally at one of his favorite watering holes, Tyrah has learned that Magellan once made an embarrassing mistake that started a feud and has jeopardized the grid. Many years ago, Ruth gave him her magic amulet to look at, but he broke it. Instead of admitting what he did, he hid the parts across Linden Realms and left town quickly on an extended vacation.

Ruth found out and was outraged. For years, she and her shadowy henchmen tried unsuccessfully to corner Magellan and wring the truth out of him. And then Magellan died. Ruth lost all hope. In a towering fit of anger, she sent a comet to burn Linden Realms to cinders.

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The amulet pieces are still there. As Linden Realms gradually comes to life again, Tyrah knows that there is only one way to restore peace to the grid. She must find the missing amulet pieces.

Here's where you come in

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Linden Realms is no longer a blackened wasteland, but as life has returned it doesn’t look like the old, familiar landscape. Tyrah has rebuilt her workshop on high land in a picturesque region of grassy valleys and steep hillsides. In the distance are forests, a forbidding desert, treacherous swamps, and -- the area that was most heavily damaged by Ruth’s comet -- a barren volcanic landscape with deep and dangerous caves. The missing amulet pieces are out there somewhere.

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When you arrive in Linden Realms, enter Tyrah’s workshop to get instructions from her and to review background materials. She will give you a HUD that attaches magically to your screen. As you travel in Linden Realms, Tyrah will send you encouraging messages and clues through the HUD to help you find the amulet pieces. The HUD will keep track of your progress. You may also use it to consult this wiki at any time.

The counters on the top row of the HUD keep track of crystals you have collected but have not redeemed yet. On the extreme right side of the HUD is a display of Ruth’s amulet, which updates as you find missing pieces. At the middle of the bottom of the HUD is a message window that displays hints or directions as you reach important points in the game. Use the +/- buttons in the upper left to enlarge or shrink your HUD. Use the ? button to open a link to this wiki.

What’s in it for you? Well, the warm glow of knowing that you are helping restore peace to all of Second Life and making Tyrah immensely happy. Also, you will receive L$25 when you find all the missing pieces and bring them back to the workshop. As an additional incentive, you will discover that the colorful crystals that have always been scattered across Linden Realms are still there. You may collect as many as you wish, and may redeem them by bringing them back to the workshop as well.

The Rules

Yes, there are always rules. First,

  • You may collect crystals any time you wish. However, you may not redeem crystals for L$ until you have completed the quests and found all four missing amulet pieces.
  • You may only redeem the amulet pieces for your L$ reward one time each week.
  • You may only redeem crystals during the week after you turn in the amulet pieces. Exactly seven days after you find the amulet pieces, you will need to find them again.
  • You must have a payment method on record with Linden Lab, and you must have used it at least once in order to receive a payout for completing quests and collecting crystals.

The following are strictly forbidden when playing:

  • Followers
  • Bots
  • Speed enhancers
  • Teleporting
  • Flying
  • Moving through walls
  • Enhanced jumping
  • Use of scripted assistance items or HUDs
  • Any form of game play that would be considered cheating.

Failure to obey these rules will result in disciplinary action against your accounts!

The Quests

To find each of the four missing amulet pieces, you will need to perform specific tasks in different parts of Linden Realms. You must complete the quests in order, as revealed in clues that you receive through your HUD, in typed chat messages, and by interacting with objects during the game. It is easy to get lost in Linden Realms at first, so it’s handy that Tyrah has set up signposts and marked pathways to suggest the most heavily travelled routes.

LR Signpost1.jpg
LR Signpost2.jpg

Begin each quest by locating and touching one of the missing pages from Magellan’s Journal. If you forget to touch the journal page, you will not be able to complete the quest.

LR Journal.jpg

If you leave Linden Realms or log out without completing a quest, you may start that quest over again when you return. You do not need to go back and complete quests that you have already finished before. Your HUD will attach again when you return, and will remember what you have already collected.

Your HUD should auto-attach whenever you enter Linden Realms. If you detach it accidentally, you can get a new one by running across a region border anywhere in Linden Realms, or by using one of the handy HUD Redelivery Terminals that are located in most regions.
LR Amulete.jpg

You complete a quest by touching on the amulet piece at the end of the quest. Your HUD will display an icon to show that you have collected it. When you have collected all four pieces, return to Tyrah’s workshop to receive your reward. If you also have crystals to redeem, remember to use the weekly payout pad first to register your quest completion and claim a reward.

At any time, you may visit the workshop and click on Ruth’s broken amulet to try and repair it. If you have not found all four pieces, the amulet will tell you where to look for the remaining ones.


Desert Monster Eating b.jpg

Rock Monsters are everywhere, and they are smarter and uglier than ever. If they catch you, you will be eaten alive and your remains will be sent to the nearest Resurrection Circle.

LR Mudpool.jpg
LR BearTrap.jpg

There are also other perils scattered around Linden Realms, each of which is as deadly as a Rock Monster. Some are obvious (hint: try not to fall in the water) and others are more subtle. Be alert to visual cues or sounds that warn when there is a peril nearby.

Payout Pads

There are four payout pads next to Tyrah’s workshop. Use either of the Weekly pads on the right side to claim your L$25 reward for completing all four quests. Use either of the two Daily pads on the left to redeem crystals that you have collected and receive a L$ reward. You must have a payment method on file with Linden Lab and you must have used it at least once before you can use either the Daily or Weekly payout pads.

Payout StationsV2.jpg

When you step on one of the pads, it reviews the record of tasks you have completed and it checks to see the last time that you claimed a reward from one of the weekly pads. Remember that you may only get credit for completing the quests once a week and that you may only redeem crystals for L$ within a week after completing the quests.

The daily payout pads redeem crystals according to the following schedule:

  • 1 Blue crystal = L$2
  • 1 Green crystal = L$1
  • 10 Orange crystals = L$1
  • 25 Yellow crystals = L$1
  • 50 Red crystals = L$1

If you have extra orange, yellow, or red crystals, the payout system will leave them in your HUD so you can add to them by collecting more.

KBnote.png Note: If you collected crystals in Linden Realms before Tyrah rejuvenated the burned landscape, you may still redeem them, but you will need to complete the four quests first. If you have more than 999 crystals of any type, the new HUD will not display all of them, but they are still there.

Other Resources in Tyrah's Workshop

LR Videoscreens 2.jpg

Entertaining videos on two screens show you more of the Linden Realms back story and a detailed explanation of how to play the new Linden Realms game.

Recommended Settings

You will have the best experience in Linden Realms if you:

  • Wear a standard sized avatar instead of one that is very large or very small.
  • Set your draw distance to 256m. Most things you need to see are closer than that. Setting your draw distance much greater than 256m may make scenery rez slowly on your screen.
  • Use your entire screen for SL instead of playing Linden Realms in a smaller window.
  • Turn on the region Windlight settings. To do this go to World > Sun > Use Region Settings.
  • Do NOT double-click to teleport. (Nasty things will happen if you do.)

Helpful Tips

  • You can enter Mouselook by typing the ESC key on your keyboard and scrolling your mouse wheel forward, or by typing M, if you have configured your viewer to use AWSD to move.
  • The areas immediately around each of the journal pages and the Resurrection Circles are safe zones. So is Tyrah’s workshop. Rock monsters cannot attack you there.
  • You may collect a crystal by left-clicking on it or by walking over it. You may do the same thing with any of Magellan’s Journal pages to start a quest.
  • If you cannot collect a crystal, either ignore that one or relog to Second Life and see if it becomes active when you find it again.
  • To run, press CTRL + R, or double-tap the Forward arrow on your keyboard.
  • Leave your weapons at home.
  • And lastly, have fun!

If you find a problem...

You may submit a support case to

Or, you may submit a JIRA bug report to