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US laws and regulations require that money services businesses, such as Linden Lab, to collect and maintain this personal information for Second Life customers who we offer financial-related services. This is part of Linden Lab’s ongoing risk management process. If you are required to complete this information request, Linden Lab will contact you via email. To avoid any delays in process-credit requests or holds on your Second Life account(s), please follow the instruction listed in the email to complete this information as soon as possible.

To verify your identity, we may require you to submit identity documentation.

Types of Identity Documentation

  1. Government-issued photo ID that is not expired and is valid for the next sixty (60) days. The copy must be clear, colored, and undamaged. Acceptable forms of photo ID includes: driver’s license, passport, national ID card, or any other form of government-issued photo ID.
  2. Proof of Address
    If your photo ID does not display your current address, you must also provide us with a document that has recently been mailed to you within the past 90 days and shows your name and current residential address. Examples include:
    • Telephone or utility bill
    • Bank or credit card statement
    • Government mail
    • Medical bill
    • Insurance statement
    • Voter Registration
    • Rental agreement or property deed
    • Online statements
  3. Completion of our ID Verification Questions
    Depending on your country of residence, some residents may receive an email titled “Second Life: Verify Your Identity”, which contains a link to complete the ID verification process. If you receive this email, you are required to complete the information request via the link. If more information is required, we will contact you through the support portal. Please check your Case History in the Support Portal frequently and reply to the Case if you have any related questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my personal information be protected?

Yes. All of this information is protected by the Linden Lab Privacy Policy, which can be accessed at the following link: Your information will also be stored securely on our servers.

Why am I receiving this request now?

To comply with applicable laws and regulations, including the USA Patriot Act and the Bank Secrecy Act, as a registered money services business, Linden Lab must obtain, verify and record information about our customers whom we offer financial-related services. From time to time, we may request additional identification information to update our records as part of our ongoing risk management process. We choose not to disclose the specific criteria and timing for this information request because making such information publicly available may place our controls, customers and your account(s) at risk. Our request for additional information from our customers is intended to validate and protect our residents.

I have submitted my photo ID a long time ago, why do I have to do it again?

If you have sent your photo ID to Linden Lab in the past, it was used for a different purpose. We will require the documentation for the reasons as clarified above.

Why is my process-credit request on hold? When can I receive my payout?

Your process-credit request is on hold until you have completed this information request, including the ID verification process. Please follow the link in the email that we have sent you to complete this verification process.

If further information is required, we will contact you through our customer support portal. If not, your credit requests will be released for processing, which typically could take up to 7 business days.

How will I know if I need to provide this documentation?

Linden Lab will contact you via email or the support portal on Second Life. You will receive an email with the subject - “Second Life: Verify Your Identity” – or an email letting you know that a comment has been added to your support case. Please check your Case History in the Support Portal frequently and reply to the Case if you have any related questions.

I have more questions about this request. How do I get help?

Open the request in your Case History in the Support Portal and reply to the case that includes the request, if you have any questions related to this information request. If you have no existing support case opened, you may create a new support case or contact our customer support representatives (, and they can direct you to someone that can assist you with this information request.

Further references regarding this request:

  • Second Life blog on Required Account Documentation
  • Linden Lab’s Privacy Policy
  • Linden Lab’s Terms of Service
  • U.S. Bank Secrecy Act (FinCEN)