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KBcaution.png Important: Only Linden Lab employees can update this page, so rest assured this information comes direct from Linden Lab.

Buying Linden dollars

You can buy Linden Dollars from the official Linden dollar exchange, the LindeX.

Be extremely careful when purchasing Linden dollars anywhere else, especially if the deal sounds too good to be true. Scammers prey on your uncertainty and greed when trying to defraud you, so do your research beforehand and save yourself a lot of trouble.

See also Buying and selling Linden dollars.

Inworld vendor scams

Unscrupulous Residents can sometimes steal your Linden dollars by placing invisible prims over a scripted vending object, or by interfering with the data being passed between scripted objects. Report any such activity as abuse. See Filing an abuse report.

In cases where someone not involved in a deal intercepts payments, or causes a script to make fraudulent payments, Linden Lab will attempt to identify the abuser, and apply discipline as appropriate.

Separately, Linden Lab may be able to recover some or all lost Linden dollars, and return them to the correct Residents. Any restitution depends primarily on the recovery of lost Linden dollars from the abuser's account.

Beware of these scammers!

When viewing a scammer's posts, click the Abuse Report link (either on the left of a thread or below a post). Keep in mind that scammers disguise under different identities, and that this is not a 100% comprehensive list, but blatant abusers to avoid. However, the practices on this page are broadly useful.

  • "eingee" aka "eveonlinez" - See example scam ad. Repeatedly spamming the forums under different accounts and trying to circumvent Linden Lab's blocks, in the process causing a lot of pain for our Residents. It should be obvious such desperate and disruptive behavior is a red warning flag that they're scammers. We've blocked their direct hyperlinks so they are trying different combinations (like this) to get around.
  • "gamesker" - Similar wording to eingee as noticed here. Has tried to post images to circumvent word filters on the new site.

Forum scams: What to do if I you suspect a scammer?

Abuse-report their post by clicking the Report abuse link in the left of the thread or underneath a post so that Linden moderators will see it. Many independent reports from multiple Residents who all think it's a scam helps escalate it to our attention, so the scammers can be banned.

Remember, scammers can't take your money if you don't give them business. Ignore their pleas for attention, and you can reply, telling other Residents to beware (with our Discussion Guidelines in mind). But don't direct-link to their sites, it gives them traffic and leaves others vulnerable — this is especially dangerous with phishing attacks.

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