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These guidelines are encouraged, but not a requirement, to give a consistent experience for new users that will be obtaining content for the Senra body.

Naming Conventions

When creating content for either the Blake or Jamie body/head, be sure to refer to the brand and product - in the case of the Senra bodies, this would be either “Senra Blake” or “Senra Jamie”.

Additionally, to prepare for future feature compatibility, the following folder and content naming conventions should be followed:


Final content folder should be unpacked into resident inventory and formatted in the following manner: {BRAND} {CONTENT NAME} {CONTENT CATEGORY} Senra {Blake/Jamie}


PatchPants Pixie Cut Hair Senra Blake


Content created for Senra should be formatted in the following manner: {BRAND} {CONTENT NAME} {CONTENT CATEGORY} - {CONTENT DETAILS/IDENTIFIER} Senra {Blake/Jamie}


PatchPants Pixie Cut Hair Blue Senra Blake

Content names (both folders and final content) should only contain alphanumeric characters.


Included in the delivery of the dev kit are two versions of an unpacker HUD. You are free to utilize either version of the unpacker for delivery of content.

Both versions of the unpacker have space for the creator to include an image of their content. You can drag a texture of an image of the sold content into the space labeled “YOUR TEXT HERE”, with the following:

  • Content clearly visible on a white, blue or black background
  • Minimum 256x256 texture size

Unpacker HUD should contain:

  • Purchased content
  • (Optional) Landmark to store
  • (Optional) Notecard with merchant information (group information, store information)

The Senra content unpacker should not deliver content for any other body/head/ecosystem.

Content Delivery

For both in-world and Marketplace purchase, final content delivered to residents can be delivered in the Unpacker HUD.

Alpha Layers

Alphas are highly encouraged for content necessitating them, and can be contained within the Unpacker HUD.

Technical Information

Importing the Senra Dev Kits into your preferred software will typically require a plugin for importing the rig, such as those listed below. Documentation can be found on their individual websites:

If you wish to have your plugin listed here, please contact Second Life support.

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