Linden Lab Official:Why is my account on hold?

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Has your account has been put on hold? Do you not know why? Wondering what to do next? Read on.

Why accounts are put on hold

  • Someone may have phished or stolen your account.
  • One or more of your transactions may involve fraudulent Linden dollars. You should be aware that there are other exchanges for L$ that are not affiliated with Linden Lab in any way. We have no control over these exchanges and are not responsible for their activities.
  • Delinquent account or Terms of Service violations. Account delinquency or violations of the Terms of Service may also cause cause us to hold your account. To correct this, contact billing or support.

How to reactivate a held account

For accounts that have been voluntarily canceled, please see our KnowledgeBase article about Re-activating a canceled account for further information.

For held accounts:

  1. Visit the Open a support case page on the Second Life website.
    1. If you cannot log into the Second Life website due to your held account, select Continue as guest to create a ticket using your email address.
  2. Choose Reactivate Account or Second Life Web Login Issues as the issue type.
  3. Fill in the rest of the fields as directed, then click Submit.
  4. You'll receive an email containing your ticket information.

Linden Lab will investigate the events that led to placing your account on hold. Once we have concluded the investigation, we will send you an email explaining our conclusion and explaining the action that will be taken with respect to your account. As a reminder, all transactions involving L$ are subject to Linden Lab's Terms of Service.

Submitting an appeal

Linden Lab takes violations of the Second Life Terms of Service and Community Standards very seriously. The decision to apply a suspension or permanent closure for your Second Life account(s) is reached after investigation of your use of the Second Life software and service. Residents are not allowed to participate in the Second Life virtual world if their accounts have been suspended or disabled for violations of our Terms of Service.

However, if you can maintain in good faith that the violations were not due to your actions or negligence, or the actions or negligence of others working for you, you may appeal the suspension or closure of your account(s) in writing to the address below. Please provide any relevant information that you believe would explain the violations we detected. Linden Lab reserves sole discretion in considering whether to take any action on a written appeal. If you would like to appeal your warning or suspension, you may contact Second Life Support, in writing, at the address below:

Attn: Account Reviews: Appeals
Linden Lab
945 Battery Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Or by fax: 415-651-9221

We also accept appeals filed electronically using the ticket submission process described above.