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Which Sims come under this policy?

Its not exactly clear from this article, which sims it covers.

Blake Sea has many sims labeled Blake Sea by name, but also many other water and coastal sims, and sims in channels that feed off of the ocean out there, or smaller lakes that connect to it.

  • Does it cover just the sims with 'Blake Sea' in the name?
  • The sims that are part of the same body of water?
  • The coastlines where a lot touches water.
    • And if so how far in? - if "I" cut my parcel so that 4m from the water is a different lot - still covered? After all the note about advertising could come into play.
  • What about channels / rivers that feed into that ocean?
  • Or lakes that are connected to it?
    • Lots sold on those places tend to advertise themselves as 'protected route to Blake Sea' even if very far from any sim named Blake Sea.
  • What about the coastlines of the Nautilus island that's in the middle of ocean Blake Sea is part of?

--Pussycat Catnap 15:32, 9 July 2011 (PDT)