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Community Regions

Community 1.png

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The Horizons Community Regions are places for the Horizons community to meet, hold events, gather, and socialize. Each of them has a meeting hall, a lounge area, and a bar where you can dance, socialize and have a drink.


The Community Regions have a continuous audio stream. If you are having trouble hearing it,

  • be sure that you have streaming music enabled in Preferences > Sound & Media.
  • click the Play button in the upper right corner of your viewer screen to start the stream.
  • wait for the stream to download to your viewer. (This may take as much as a minute.)
  • check the volume slider in your Master Sound Control panel.

Relax with a friend, hold your next club meeting, schedule a community musical event...

Community Plaza 1.png

Community Plaza 2.png

or just come to admire the ducks.


Horizons Info Hubs

HR InfoHub.png

Visit any one of the four InfoHub Regions in Horizons to find out more about buying and managing land, and to learn about the Horizons quests. Under the two domes in the central part of the Info Hub, you’ll find two resource areas:

The Land Info Area

HR InfoHub Land.png

Visit the Land Info area to get a folder of information about buying land and about using a parcel’s mailbox controls to choose and then customize a Horizons home. Watch a video that describes the benefits of buying a Horizons parcel, or access the Horizons wiki for more detailed information.

The Horizons Experience Area

HR InfoHub Exp.png

Visit the Horizons Experience area to watch videos that introduce the quests at the heart of the Horizons subcontinent. Learn what’s behind the evil Dr. Talpa’s exploits in this part of the world, and find out how you can help [Magellan Linden] (the intrepid explorer) outsmart Dr. Talpa -- and earn some L$ or fabulous prizes. Enter a portal to launch your adventure.

Building Demo Areas

HR InfoHub Demo 1.png

You may also come to the Info Hub to practice using the mailbox controls for a Horizons residential parcel. There are two Demo areas: one for learning how to rez and customize a Horizons home if a parcel is owned by one person, and the other for parcels that are owned by a group. You can rez each of the house models and experiment with the control panels to sample the color and trim options. A kiosk in each demo area offers more detailed information to help you manage a home on your own parcel.

HR InfoHub Demo 2.png

Vehicle Rez Zones

You may rez your aircraft or boat or dock it temporarily at either of the Vehicle Rez Zones on the north and south sides of the Info Hub as well as one on the east or west side of the Community regions. From there, you can navigate by water anywhere in the Horizons sea or its inland canal system.

Rez Zone.png