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函式: llApplyImpulse( vector force, integer local );
72 函式ID
0.0 延遲
10.0 能量

Applies impulse to object

• vector force
• integer local boolean, if TRUE, force is treated as a local directional vector instead of region directional vector.

Instantaneous impulse. llSetForce has continuous push. "Instantaneous" seems to mean a one second impulse, as an application of a force (in newtons) equal to the object's mass (in kg) for one second will accelerate it to a velocity of 1 (in meters per second), which appears to be what happens with this function.


  • Object must be physical.
  • The force magnitude is capped at 20.000.
  • The force magnitude is scaled by the object's energy.
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<lsl> //Rez an object, and drop this script in it. //This will launch it at the owner. default {

    state_entry() {
         list p = llGetObjectDetails(llGetOwner(), [OBJECT_POS]);
         if(p != []) {
             llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, TRUE);
             vector pos = llList2Vector(p, 0);
             vector direction = llVecNorm(pos - llGetPos());
             llApplyImpulse(direction * 100, 0);





•  llApplyRotationalImpulse
•  llSetForce Set continuous force