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Information about Multi-Love-Pose (MLP)


MLP or Multi-Love-Pose is a set of scripts that enable you to put multiple poses, with different animations and avatar positions for each pose, into an object such as furniture or a HUD. Poses are selected by menu. MLP is BSD-licenced freeware.

MLP is commonly used for sex beds, but can be used for a variety of purposes. It is relatively easy to set up new poses once you have the animations you need and sufficient building skills to move and orient objects where you want them. In this case, you're orienting the avatars in the poses. If the object is sold, as long as the seller allows full permissions on certain configuration files, ends user can adjust the poses to suit their own avatars or add new poses of their own. All this is possible without modifying any scripts.

MLP was written by Miffy Fluffy and is available inworld via his profile Picks, the MLP tab, just take the teleport. It's also available in a wide variety of free furniture available inworld -- if you have inexpensive furniture with menu-driven poses, most likely it runs MLP.