Mare Secundus

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An ancient sea, almost landlocked in the Sansara continent, containing many points of interest. A great place for diving, especially the western half.

Henshaw Observatory


An old observatory perched atop a lonely isle

Under the dome a large and impressive refracting telescope peers upward to the night sky

Henshaw (142, 131, 24)

Elderbridge Rez Zone and picnic spot


An area to rez boats, vehicles, picnic hampers etc.

Enjoy the small beach and leafy glade of the larger island, or simply dock at the smaller one

Puzzle at the ancient monolith, look, maybe don't touch !

Elderbridge (83, 74, 23)



Relax as you watch the orrery turn. Or ride a rocket to a faraway world.

Thurston (238, 192, 23)




A sheltered bay with old docks (where you can rez your ship) and a lighthouse.

Oehler (233, 122, 22)

Rezzing Spots

Mare Secundus