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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

  • This is the initial information and is subject to change prior to the start of the test. Test will begin on 9/4/08.

Thank you for your interest in helping out new resident locations in Second Life and providing new residents with a positive first hour experience!

Greeters participating in this test will be helping at one main location. This location is a new resident focused location that aims to address "Why be in Second Life" and "Where to go, What to do" questions. The goal for Greeters in the test is to improve the new user experience--as measured by retention--through personal as well as material/informational help to new residents. The Greeter occupied hub will be compared to a like hub that has no Greeter or test variable influence. Metrics are being extracted for the purpose of showing the VALUE of Mentors at these hot spot locations. This is a great time to shine!

Basic Information

  • Location: Korea Welcome Area (4 regions)
  • The two initial tests will take 7 days each

Week One

  • Greeters and a Greeter run tour based on category choices.
  • This process will help teach, welcome and address the "Where to go" and "What to do issues".
  • Tours can be individual or small groups (4 maximum size)
  • Tours can be offered by up to 3 Greeters together if desired.
  • Each tour must be pre-planned and offer a notecard of landmarks for the new resident. (Including the test Infohub landmark please)
  • All Greeter who wants to offer tours should use the same package of landmarks based on the categories.
  • "Ask an SL Greeter about Tours!" signs will be set up on each island of the test area. Those offering tours should stay in the vicinity of these signs so that a new resident will easily be able to find the tour givers.

Tour categories are the following:

Educational and Non Profit

Week Two

  • Greeters and the "old style" OI walk through. (See Violet Infohub for example.)
  • This will include basic assistance by Greeters available in the walk through area.

Metrics for Both Tests

  • The 4 hub Welcome Area test location will be compared to a similar location.
  • The following types of data will be collected:
% Premium
% Returned after 1 day
% Returned after 7 day
% Visited 2nd Location
% Active
Hours Per Login
  • And also by Survey offered to new residents by Greeters:

Survey questions will be adjusted for Week Two

  • Week One:
Did they leave the hub with a sense of direction on where to go or what to do?
Did they get free items at the hub that helped them? What?
Did they get personal assistance from a Greeter? If yes, was it helpful?
Did they take a tour? If yes, did they become more interested in SL after the tour?
Did they need something that they could not get at the hub that would have made the experience better?
Do they plan to return to this Infohub location in Second Life?

  • Signs will be set up around the 4 region test location alerting new residents that Greeters will be giving out a survey link and that the survey is to help us improve the new resident's welcome to Second Life and not a cause for worry.
    • Survey links should be offered to residents in IM so they are clickable or in chat if the area is not crowded.

Standards and Content:

  • Mentor Greeters must abide by Tao, CS and TOS and participate as a team
  • Promotion of Second Life and assistance that directs new residents to communities of interest or help
    • Greeters should remember that many new residents have no idea what possibilities Second Life offers. So, asking what their interests are is not always very effective. Often it is better to answer the question: What can I do here?..before they even have to ask.
  • Greeters should focus on new resident help and discovery
  • Basic personal help and referral to existing resources KB, Support and Classes is important.
  • Giving Freebies is allowed but should be kept to small amounts at a time please.

Changing the Area

  • Please get approval from a VTeam Linden prior to making any changes or additions. We will need to keep any building and additions to the area at a minimum. The idea is to keep the differences between the A and B test hubs, with the exception of the addition of Greeters and one variable to group B, as alike as possible for fair comparisons.

Sign Up

Second Life Mentor Greeters who would like to participate should please sign up here

  • Please be aware that if you sign up, it will be important to plan to spend time at this test hub as soon as the test begins. Each test is only one week long so every day of data will really matter!

Test Results

The testresults are posted to the VTeam Blog.