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Below are a list of some optional materials provided to Coaches for Orientation hosting.

Notecards are found in the Class Handouts kiosk to the right of the presentation screen. Audience members can right click and buy for 0L$ which will create a folder in their inventory with the following notecards:

Objectives Notecard Details the objectives of the training session.

Tao of Volunteer Details the Tao of Volunteer, the code we try to live by!

Volunteer Resources A notecard describing some useful sources of information for volunteering.

Infohub/WA Notecard Notes the ways to find the major gathering spots for new residents who may need help.

Group IM Guidelines Guidelines for etiquette in the Group IM Mentor channel.

SL Volunteer Island Policies A notecard detailing information on fair use of the SL Volunteer Islands.

HI Related Help Topics FAQs and useful information for Help Island.

HIP/OIP Related Help Topics Notecard deals with critical public help areas.

A presentation slideshow with topic reminders is also available and is necessary to set the ‘media’ texture for the “Tao of Volunteers” video*. To change to the next slide in the sequence, type the following command in open chat and press enter: /1next

Slide1 - Welcome!

Slide2 - Tao of Volunteers

Slide3 - *media texture

Slide4 - Mission: Volunteering

Slide5 - Resources

Slide6 - Communication

Slide7 - Incentives

Slide8 - Graduation

Slide9 - Thank you!

If you would like just the media texture for the parcel, one is provided in a box that is typically left behind the presentation screen at the main stage of SLVEC. It is marked "Media Texture for Tao of Linden."
Since Neovo Geesink has created a second presentation Screen, which allso support your own pictures, you can call up the Tao of Volunteers directly. For that, issue the command /9 tao when standing near that screen.

Attendance may be taken with a visitor counter of your own, or by taking attendance manually in a form that works best for you. Attendance should be submitted to a VTeam member in a notecard as soon as possible. Neovo Geesink has created a free obtainable Visitor Counter in Kiosk #32 which can be used for this as well.