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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

This group is now official. Please see Second Life Mentor Q&A

Interested in taking part in a test within the Mentors group for a new method of communication and collaboration? The focus of the Mentor Q&A test group will be to use a group channel as an avenue for questions and answers with guidelines that de-emphasize taking questions and answers to IMs. That is, the group will be used to ask questions, provide answers, for Mentors and by Mentors. This is not a substitute for Support or a social channel and Linden involvement will be minimal, however, guidelines for this group must be upheld. Chat guidelines for this group are subject to change in accordance with testing results. Your feedback throughout the process is appreciated!

Note, the chat guidelines for this channel are different from that of the standard Second Life Mentor chat guidelines. However, the Tao of Volunteers must still be upheld!

Chat Guidelines (January 9, 2008):

  • Do not use the channel at all for casual chat. That belongs in private IMs. This group channel's focus should be on Inquiries and Answers.
  • Use the channel to state a question that pertains to helping a resident in need.
  • Use the channel to reply to a question with an answer or point in the right direction.
  • Aim to consolidate your question or answer as best as possible, when possible. For example, try to state your question as completely as possible with as great detail as possible, so that those willing to respond do not have to ask many questions to reach a point of understanding. Try to aim for a 1:1 ratio of questions and answers: one message for a question, one question for an answer--when possible!
  • Remember, by closing the chat you will not receive messages from the channel until your next login. Use this for instances where you do not want to be involved or do not want to read any chat from this channel.
  • Please do not use this to rally mentors, seek replacement volunteers for Orientation Islands, or otherwise state requests. This should, by and large, be a Question and Answers group channel.
  • Tao of Volunteer ethics and attitude apply, as always!

To enter this group:

Please add feedback you have on your chat experience in this group in the Mentor Q&A Discussion wiki page. Refrain from using fellow resident names in discussion. Some discussion topics include: how does this work/not work in comparison to standard chat guidelines? What ways could these chat guidelines be improved? Yay or nay?