Mentor Special Committees

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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

Special Committees are formed to assist in temporary needs or projects. Membership is open to all Mentors. Committees may be formed by any Mentor wishing to address a need within Mentors. Committee Meetings should be posted on the Mentor Event Calendar as well as announced in other resources for Mentor communication.

Classes in a Box Development Team (created Jan. 04, 2007) - To develop a set of standard classes for Mentor Coaches.

  • Saxet Uralia (Team Lead)
  • Jezzie McCellan
  • Michel Lemmon
  • Melodia McDonnagh
  • aliceinwire Bleac
  • Antoinetta Petrichor
  • Orion Gjellerup
  • Frisky Pixie
  • Das Wade

Organization of Large Shops Team (created Jan. 04, 2007) - To set up a maintain the Build, Tools, Script and Orientation Shops on SLVEC

  • aliceinwire Bleac (Team Lead)
  • Jezzie McCellan

R&R Area Development Team (created Jan. 04, 2007) - To Design and Build the Recreation and Relaxation area on SLVEC

  • Jade Atlantis (Team Lead)
  • Rails Bailey
  • Jezzie McCellan
  • Michel Lemmon
  • robispy Barbosa

Mentor Coach Peer Review Committee (created Jan. 17, 2007) - To Develop a System to Ensure the Quality of Classes offered by Mentor Coaches and to Maintain the Standards set by the Vteam for Orientations

Contact Team Lead if you wish to participate in this Committee

  • Doctor Gascoigne (Team Lead)