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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

Ahh... the joys of group chat... the lag, the failed messages, the inability to ignore without closing the group chat. Let's check out IRC. It's small, sleek, and stable.

What is IRC?

Short and sweet (for those familiar with IRC): /server /join #SLMentors

Need a bit more info about IRC? Read on.

Get Access in channels?

For this you will need to create an account for GameSurge. Please Put your email address on the form, this prevents future problems with authentication

GameSurge identifies you by hostmask, and if it changes, you will need this to reset it.

  1. Check your email. There should be a line that says something like
    /authserv auth AuthName *****
    Except, replaced with your name. So if Ganesha were to make an account, it would say something like
    /authserv auth Ganesha ******
  2. Once authenticated, you can change your password to something you can more easily remember by typing
    /authserv PASS <old password> <new password>
  3. If there are no client-specific instructions under IRC Clients, paste this line into a text field (preferably not one for a channel).
  4. If successful, AuthServ will reply - I recognize you"

If you are a mentor, PM Ganesha and she will add your access.

I already use IRC, and use a different server, how can I be on both?

Say /server -m <serverip> Not including <> For Example /server -m

If you have any more questions, feel free to IM Ganesha Xi in-game or contact Ganesha on IRC.

IRC Clients

To get started with IRC, mIRC is a good thing to have. This is available at After 30 days, it will say You have gone to far, this version has expired. Register it, ignore it, whatever. However, you can click on Khaled's nose for a surprise!

You can also use Trillian, Pidgin, or GAIM to connect to IRC, as these are popular messenger programs that many will have.

Hiding your hostmask

To hide your hostmask (recommended), type //mode $me +x


Open IRC. When you do, 2 boxes should pop up. The first one is options. Here you will need to put A nick name, and the info on it. This is required. On the line where you type text, type in a server closest to you. If you do not know a server close to you, just choose random or say /server This will automatically choose the first server you can connect to, and connect you to GameSurge.

So now you are on the GameSurge network. You will see that you are on no channels. All you need to do is type /join #SLMentors in the text box.


  1. First... If you have no white circle in your Trillian window, start here:
    1. Trillian top menu - Trillian Preferences - Plugins - check box IRC
  2. Open Trillian, right-click on the white (or clear) circle circle above My Contacts, Manage my connections
    1. + Add new connection - IRC
    2. Server Alias - GameSurge
    3. Replace with
    4. Nickname - Your SL name (no spaces)
    5. Username - Can again be SL name
    6. Click Change (by Server Alias), check the box under Perform buffer, and add this:
      1. /authserv auth AuthName password;/join #SLMentors
        • Replace AuthName and password with your authserv account info you created on the GameSurge site in part 1
      2. Click Miscellaneous tab, make sure Initial user mode says i, x then click OK
      • Optionally, check the box "Automatically connect to this account at startup"
  3. Click Connect


  1. Click on Accounts
    1. Add/Edit
    2. then Add
  2. Select IRC from the protocol list
    1. Enter your GameSurge name into the Screen Name field of the Basic tab.
    2. Enter into the Server field
    3. Enter your GameSurge password into the Password field
    4. Unless you want to retype your password every time, make sure Remember Password is checked
    5. Enter your GameSurge name into the Username field of the Advanced tab.
    • Optionally enter a Local Alias in the Basic tab.
  3. Click Save. You should recieve an IM from Global upon connection.
  4. Click on Buddies
    1. then Add Chat
    2. Select your GameSurge account from the Account list
    3. Enter #SLMentors into the Channel field
    4. Enter your GameSurge password into the Password field
    • Optionally enter Second Life Mentors into the Alias field.
  5. Click on Add
    • Optionally right-click the newly created chat entry and click Auto-Join


  1. Click XChat
    1. then Network List
    • If GameSurge is already present, ignore steps two and three
  2. Click Add
    1. Type GameSurge into the newly-created entry
  3. Select GameSurge
    1. then click Edit
    2. Select newserver/6667
    3. click Edit
    4. type
    • Optionally check Auto connect to this network at startup
  4. Add #SLMentors to the Channels to join field (separate multiple fields with a comma)
  5. If you do not use a global username,
    1. Uncheck Use Global user information
    2. Enter your GameSurge name into the Username and Nick Name fields
  6. If you don't want to retype your password every time you connect,
    1. Set Connect command to
      /authserv auth username password
      (replace username and password with your own info)
  7. Click Close
    1. Select GameSurge
    2. Click Connect

How do I always auth and join channels when I connect to GameSurge?


There is something called perform, he are the steps. Press ALT-O, that should bring up the mIRC Options dialog box. In the Category list, look under the Connect tree, there should be an Options section - click on it. In there, click on the "Perform" button. The perform page will pop up - make sure 'Enable Perform on Connect' is ticked, and put the command into the textbox. So it would look something like this:

  • /authserv auth AuthName password
  • /mode $me +x
  • /join #SLMentors



See steps three and four of the connection instructions for XChat

Client Customisation

mIRC Scripts! (Not for the faint of heart)

Ok... IRC looks ugly. Really ugly. Worse than DOS. Want to pretty it up some? I recommend NoName Script, which can be found at Features I find helpful include: MiniIRC: Runs just one channel in a tiny window, which can be kept on top of other applications, if you choose Tooltips: For nick alerts Themes: Makes things pretty Automatic network connections: Especially helpful if you use multiple IRC networks.

After downloading and installing, you will be asked to set up the script. Here is what you will want to do (Ganesha's settings she's used for 5 years now):

  • Auth Settings - GameSurge - Nickname: Enter AuthServ name, and password, check all boxes EXCEPT "Auto ghosting when nickname is in use... it will flood your screen!
  • Balloon Tips - Settings - Check Enable balloon tips, 8 seconds (time is up to you, this is what *I* prefer), width 250. Feel free to use transparency and fade, but this does use more computer resources. Only show if mIRC is not the active window.. choose or not, that is what I have marked though. Can also enable beep. Show at bottom right... It will appear over your system tray. Change the colors or not.. Mine's set to default (grey, black, black).
  • Balloon Tips - Events - Most important here is Highlights and Queries. Check the others at your own risk... may end up getting a lot of useless ones! ;)
  • Favorite nets - Choose GameSurge (and any others if you use them) and use the > arrow to add them. Pref. server - Choose, but I use > Random server... good if a server goes caput. Full Name: Enter your full SL name, choose Connect at startup. Email address... Leave it blank ;) Choose your preferred IRC Nick then an alt nick (in case you get dis/reconnected).
  • Protections - Personal - CTCP Flood and Notice Flood - have both set to 4-5.
  • Themes - Theme setup. This is where you can make your IRC pretty! Ganesha prefers Terminal - Matrix. Play with them, see what makes you happy.
  • Once it's all set, click OK. May want to close/reopen the script to see that it's all set up! ^.^

To use MiniIRC: Right click in the SLMentors channel and choose Tools - MiniIRC.