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  1. DrFran Babcock: On some meshes I have imported (Created by me with SKetchUP and used on Campello sim, if you want to see), the LI Zoooooms up, The City Hall I built was a little over 100 prims, but when I had to unlink to edit, it became over 500 prims!!! Perhaps this is not a question for this group, but a need for me to learn more about how mesh is constructed, but if you can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it much. Thanks. Not sure I will be out of work in time for this.
  2. Veleda Lorakeet: Builds with both prims and mesh, can get the prims calculated as mesh, resulting in higher than 1 land impact for a normal prim... it does not help in vehicle messing about...
  3. Helena Lycia: add information to the mesh upload screen about Physics PE of meshes if they are set to Physics Type Prim after upload. Currently you can only guess what this will be until after you've uploaded the mesh, rezzed it, and changed its Physics Type. Which can waste a lot of time.
  4. Helena Lycia: When uplaoding a complex model with a separate physics model, different components seem from the physical model seem to be attributed to the normal model by their position within the file, rather than their spatial position relative to other components. As I can't find any way to control the order components appear in the files it makes uploading complex models very difficult. Often I have to resort to multiple uploads, which not only adds time and costs more but means I lose relative alignments of the components, which takes even more time and effort to fix in-world.
  5. Domsson Lean: When crafting basic shapes with mesh - for example, a sphere - the physics cost will be extremely high when using a sphere-shaped physics model, too (even when using one with less faces). Therefore, its uneconomical to craft such things with mesh. However, a PRIM sphere will be 1 prim/LI while having a nice sphere-shaped physics shape. Still, it would often be desirable to craft those from mesh, too. That said, is there any way to tell the uploader: "Use basic physics shape <<SPHERE>> for this object" instead of caluclated/uploaded model? When looked at from a programmatic point of view, this seems to make sense, since a sphere is easy to calculate when it comes to collisions. Same goes for cylinders, too. So, is there such an option that I'm missing (or an entirely other way to get a spheric physics shape with a reasonable LI for a mesh sphere) or is something like that planned?
  6. Is Borrowdale on a Pathfinding build? Nalates Urriah
  7. Any mesh stats? Are mesh stats a thing of the past? Nalates Urriah
  8. Any news on Cloudy, Blurry avatars? Nalates Urriah

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