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  1. Mesh bugs - any additional bugs to report this week? Nyx Linden
  2. Answer to Nyx, especially petites and micro mesh avatars are suffering from this bug all the time Yabusaka Loon Sep19.
  3. Answer to Nyx, I am still strongly for user defined model centers, for the reason of making it possible to maintain the intended relation between different LODs and custom physics shapes. This is especially important for custom physics shapes as you can't really make extra geometry for it to be placed right. Davido Chrome
  4. Still hoping for a mirror option (CTS-581). What if it only worked on the visual mesh, not the physical shape?Bunnie Mills
  5. Not mesh-related, but isn't it time to be able to animate the mFoot* bones without resorting to BVH 'hacking'? I think lToe and rToe would be perfect additions to the BVH structure. what say you? Tiberious Neruda

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