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  1. I still get complaints about my rigged suit, some people either can't see it, or it starts to throw random vertices all over the place. When I ask them to uncheck hardware skinning - the issue disappears. What's up with that ? FadeOut Razorfen
  2. When uploading skinned LODs from file, uploader doesn't care about weight maps on lower LOD mesh. It always generates weight maps from first LOD. This creates issues in rigging if mesh has some parts that intersect each other in default T pose. I've met that issue when I was creating female version of some sci-fi armor, legs did intersect each other just a little bit, so it turned out into this I've worked around this issue by simply dividing mesh on different parts, but still it's very annoying. FadeOut Razorfen.
  3. So I hear we have materials to play with now. What kind of known issues are there and is there anything you need us to test? Aki Shichiroji 12:08, 8 April 2013 (PDT)
  4. Materials Project Viewer

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