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  1. "Seems that the release on the RC channels has brought about an annoying bug that affects control event triggering in attachment’s child prims after changing regions." The JIRA on this case is locked. References here: and here: Bunnie Mills
  2. "LOD's switching sooner than expected" aka SH-2837 - this issue was in this group meeting's list a few weeks ago. Sorry to ask again but the JIRA case is still locked, no other source of information. Bunnie Mills
  3. What are the Linden uses for the following bones in the armature: mSkull, mFootLeft/mFootRight, mToeLeft/mToeRight, and mRoot (found in avatar_lad.xml as the bone the Avatar Center point is parented to)? At the moment, the most common user use for mSkull is a jaw, and the bones beyond mAnkleLeft/mAnkleRight can be animated via edited BVH, but need a 'reset' animation if stopped early. Finally, what would happen to the avatar if the mRoot bone is translated or rotated? Tiberious Neruda
  4. I know that the issues I'm pointing to are not show-stoppers, but it would be very convenient if they were fixed (in fact, I'm sure the Lab is aware of them): (a) It would be very helpful, now that we have quite large prims available, to allow up to 99% hollow rather than 95%. (b) When an object that has a texture with transparency in it (i.e. a .tga texture with alpha, such as hair textures) is placed in front of a transparent object, the first object becomes transparent in th area where it covers the second transparent object. Do we have an ETA for a fix for this? Mona Eberhardt

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