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  1. Does the viewer download textures on the back face of a cube we cannot see? Andrew thinks download priority is a matter of distance from camera and the number of screen pixels the texture covers. Is that right? If so, is a texture with no screen real estate never downloaded? Do textures on a 100% transparent surface download? Nalates Urriah 10:33, 18 September 2013 (PDT)
  2. One frequently discussed topic is the current default avatar, which has its fair deal of issues. Let's call it "Avatar 1.0", since it's usually referred to as such in many discussions. I understand that the debate regarding Avatar 1.0, a much talked-about transition to a much improved avatar, which shall be referred to as "Avatar 2.0", or a compromise (such as STORM-1800) is among the factors that hold back another much-requested and hotly-discussed feature that still has not been introduced in SL, the mesh deformer. I come here to propose a course of action which will consist of the following steps: 1. Get STORM-1800 into a candidate release/beta viewer (or however else they're called now) for QA. 2. Begin work on Avatar 2.0. 3. When Avatar 2.0 is ready, make it available to content creators and then make both avatar bases available to the users, having already explained (a) the differences between them, (b) that informing which attachments, clothes etc are designed for Avatar 1.0 and which are designed for Avatar 2.0 is up to thecontent creators and, of course, not the Lab's job - so content creators should be the ones that'll update their marketplace listings, notecards, blog posts etc (after all, LL can't be asked to run other people's businesses for them). 4. Configure the system so that content creators and users will be able to use custom avatar bases. 5. (this is for the viewer developers) Develop a mesh deformer that will be able to work with all possible avatar bases. Mona Eberhardt 12:24, 23 September 2013 (PDT)

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