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  1. With Karl no longer in SL, Is the code for the mesh deformer going to be released officially here, perhaps as part of some sort of avatar redesign or update? As open source code, and with the additional patch he added for the use of it in InWorldz, it seems very close to being doable if there are some changes to the avatar, as have been discussed in the JIRA. (Maxwell Graf).
  2. I would like to know why sometimes uploading the same mesh it gives me different prim count (land impact) .Also when uploading custom physics models sometimes the same model uploads well, other times the prim count when rezzed is completely diferent, and sometimes the same mesh gives me errors refusing to upload. I make tests using exactly the same mesh. (Kendra Zaurak)
  3. Will we see LSL functionality enriched to control normal and specular maps to match their respective textures? Mona Eberhardt
  4. I keep running into a bug when trying to use Pathfinding with mesh Other than discussing this bug, would be nice to discuss any future paths for animating mesh objects. Loki Eliot

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