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  1. I heard The HUD of the large z size (64m) can't hear its chat. Is it crrect? (Yuzuru Jewell)
  2. When rotating prims, aligning other prims with them has always been a bit of a pain. Could an aid be added that will display the coordinates of a prim's edges? (Mona Eberhardt)
  3. "Is it possible to get "llLink*Sound" functions? if its possible it would greatly reduce the number of small scripts needed by anything that uses alot of sounds" (ac14 Hutson)
  4. How long does garbage collection on the asset server take after the last reference is removed from the world? Drongle McMahon
  5. Mesh mirroring, is it possible , will it be made possible (sorry if the topic has already been discussed)(Lexbot Sinister)

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