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  1. What is the precision of the build/edit tools? I mean, after the floating point in the X, Y, Z fields in the size and position sections of the "Object" tab, how many digits does SL's system support natively? Mona Eberhardt 12:05, 24 February 2014 (PST)
  2. new clothing feature Idea I was looking at the avatar window the other day. "the window that automatically changes your av into the av picture" and I thought what a waste!!. What makes the most money in sl, CLOTHES. So why not let people put there own outfits and upload there own pictures to this window so people will be able to see there there outfits before they put them on, with the ability to make sub-folders to put the clothes into and maybe a worn outfits tab in the same window. The advantages to this are really clear. The money generated from the uploaded textures and the fact you would only have tweak something that is already supported with in the viewer. This would be a really low cost way to generate money and by making clothes easier to to put on and help people remember what they have you will win popularity with the users. this is because there are people out there with literally thousands of outfits. so this feature would come in handy for the people who spend lots of money in sl catalina Gearbox 2/24/2014
  3. Why is the default convex hull physics shape of a mesh smaller than the actual convex hull of the mesh? Drongle McMahon

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