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Getting started

To try out mesh:

  1. Go to one of all the sandboxes in Second Life. See Second Life Public Sandboxes.
    Some sandboxes may become overcrowded with Residents and have poor performance. If you see objects that look like a lot of flat triangles, try moving to another region.
  2. See what people have been working on, or try uploading some sample content of your own!

Save L$ by testing on the beta grid

Uploading mesh content to the main Second Life grid costs Linden dollars. For development and testing, upload your content to the Aditi beta grid instead. For more information about Aditi, see Preview Grid.

Follow these steps to upload models to Aditi:

  1. Import your SL account to Aditi (see Updating Your Account on Aditi for instructions).
  2. Enable the grid selection dropdown on the Second Life login screen in Me > Preferences > Advanced > Show Grid Selection or by typing CTRL+SHIFT+G.
    Note: You may need to enable the Advanced menu by pressing Ctrl+Shift+D
  3. In grid selection, choose the Aditi beta grid.
  4. Your account on the beta grid has its own L$ balance, so Linden dollars earned and spent on Aditi do not affect your main grid L$ balance.