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There are two ways to rez a mesh object in the Second Life world. If you already have a mesh object in your inventory with the item type, you can simply drag it from your inventory to the ground.

If you only have a mesh item with the item type, you can follow these instructions to rez the mesh object:

  1. Open the Build Tools by choosing Build > Build.
  2. Select the Sphere Sphere icon from the tool window and click the ground to rez a new sphere inworld.
  3. Click the Object tab of the Build Tools window.
  4. Change the object type from Sphere to Sculpted.
  5. From your Inventory, drag your mesh onto the box in the Build Tools window marked Sculpt Texture.
  6. Set the Stitching type to Mesh.

At this point, your mesh appears. It is fully physical and can collide with other objects as defined by its shape.

KBnote.png Note: If at any point you accidentally click another object inworld, the Build Tools window will focus on that object. Click the object you're working on again to return focus to it.

MESH rez object.png