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[8:00]  Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...
[8:00]  Connected
[8:00]  Teleport completed from
[8:00]  Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...
[8:00]  Disconnected from in-world Voice Chat
[8:02]  You: morning/afternoon all
[8:02]  You shout: turning scripts off while we talk
[8:03]  Entering god mode, level 200
[8:03]  You: hi davie
[8:04]  You: hi harleen
[8:04]  Harleen Gretzky: Hi Babbage
[8:04]  Davie Zinner: Good morning all
[8:04]  You: i'll just wait a few minutes before giving an update on where we're at
[8:04]  You: if you have any questions in the meantime, shoot
[8:04]  You: hi itico
[8:05]  Itico Spectre: Good morning.
[8:05]  Harleen Gretzky: Haven't seen the Mono Beta group on the Main Grid yet
[8:05]  You: hi becky
[8:05]  You: good point, we need to set that up
[8:05]  Becky Pippen: Hi Babbage and everyone
[8:07]  You: ok, so lets go
[8:08]  You: in terms of bug fixes, scouse and I have been working on implementing value semantics for vectors, quaternions and lists
[8:08]  You: which is taking some time, but is nearly finished now
[8:08]  You: as an added bonus the fix is making the UThread Injector more general
[8:09]  You: and so closer to being able to handle CIL assemblies produced by other languages
[8:09]  You: once that's done will hopefully chomp through some of the other bugs
[8:09]  You: which don't look as big
[8:09]  You: the value semantics thing looks like the only big one at the moment
[8:10]  You: there aren't any crash bugs at the moment either, which is great
[8:10]  Periapse Linden is Online
[8:10]  You: peri and vektor are working on setting up no script, push enabled, no auto return and pond areas
[8:11]  You: so that should happen in the next week
[8:11]  You: the value semantics fix should be done by the end of this week
[8:11]  Harleen Gretzky: HI Peri
[8:11]  Periapse Linden: Hello, all.
[8:11]  You: but we'll probably hold off the next beta refresh until the end of next week so that we can have a good number of fixes to deploy
[8:12]  You: hi peri
[8:12]  Periapse Linden: yo, Babbage
[8:12]  You: so, that's what we've been up to
[8:12]  You: any questions?
[8:13]  Davie Zinner: take the silence as enthusiastic encouragement and support
[8:13]  Harleen Gretzky: :)
[8:13]  You: have any of you found any new bugs recently that we should know about?
[8:13]  Itico Spectre: Well, I tell you what, I'm just here to see a) what goes on and b) if I have anything to write about for SLNN. :)
[8:14]  Becky Pippen: when svc-1369 is fixed, we'll have lots more to test
[8:14]  Babbage Linden looks
[8:16]  You: hopefully that is linked to the other non-running issues
[8:16]  You: we'll look in to those after the value semantics changes
[8:16]  You: with luck there will be one cause for all the non-running script issues
[8:17]  You: is anyone else experiencing problems with that bug?
[8:17]  You: it would be nice to get a feel for what you feel the priorities are
[8:17]  You: so that we can do the biggest bang for buck fixes first
[8:17]  You: and then hopefully enable you to find the next set of bugs
[8:17]  Davie Zinner: SVC-1369? Definitely a major drag
[8:17]  You: ok, that's 2
[8:19]  Siann Beck: Did I miss anything?
[8:20]  You: we're actually demoing SL at at job fair in brighton at the moment
[8:20]  You: so apologies if i go quiet occasionally
[8:20]  You: peri, is there anything you want to talk about?
[8:20]  Siann Beck: NP, that's pretty cool.
[8:20]  Siann Beck: Thanks for the transcript, Davie.
[8:20]  You: say hi to everyone in brighton :-)
[8:21]  Itico Spectre: Hello Brighton!
[8:21]  Periapse Linden: No, I'm good. I'm actually thinking I'll go and try to landscape in some water.
[8:21]  Periapse Linden: We've had requests for places to test boats. I'll prolly do it over a region boundary
[8:22]  Periapse Linden: so that region crossings can be tested
[8:22]  Becky Pippen: you're brave :-)
[8:22]  Periapse Linden: lol -- I'm not the one riding the vehicles. :-D
[8:22]  Becky Pippen: lol
[8:23]  Itico Spectre: Oh, come on, live dangerously
[8:23]  Itico Spectre grins.
[8:24]  You: yes, a lake over a region boundary makes sense
[8:25]  Periapse Linden: yep. think I'll do it over yonder. I've got time before my 9am mtg. See you all!
[8:25]  Becky Pippen: Thanks Peri!
[8:28]  Siann Beck: Well, I've tested pretty much all my scripts; my last big thing was the HTTP calls, and I'm not as good as Strife at sniffing out the corner cases, so I haven't been in here as much, but if anyone needs help tracking down bugs, that's one thing I'm good at.
[8:28]  You: great, thanks siann
[8:29]  You: we'll set up the groups and then it would be good to see if we can get some discussion on group chat around mono bugs
[8:29]  You: it's been great to see people helping out narrow down bugs on jira
[8:29]  You: i'll ask peri to distribute the bugs he thinks aren't quite ready for fixing
[8:29]  You: then if you could help narrow down those bugs that would be great
[8:29]  Siann Beck: Cool.
[8:30]  You: do all the sleep values seem correct now?
[8:30]  You: we should have got them all in line with LSL now
[8:30]  You: but i noticed there was still an outstanding bug mentioning that
[8:30]  Siann Beck: Oh, the built-in delays?
[8:30]  You: yes
[8:31]  You: so, 1369
[8:31]  You: any other priorities that you think we should look at soon?
[8:32]  Siann Beck: I guess the line you're working on is good :)
[8:32]  You: great
[8:32]  Davie Zinner: The matter of tight loops keeping llGetTime() from advancing is disturbing
[8:33]  You: ok, value semantics, 1369
[8:33]  You: is there a bug filed for that davie?
[8:33]  Davie Zinner: that's kinda buried in the comments in SVC-1341
[8:33]  You: ok, great i'll look in to that
[8:33]  Davie Zinner: the snippet in 1341 demonstrates the llGetTime() problem
[8:33]  You: cool
[8:34]  You: has anyone seen rez object slow down?
[8:34]  You: there was some talk in scripters about that\
[8:34]  You: not sure if there has been a bug filed though
[8:34]  Davie Zinner: nothing other than the longer initialization time for newly rezzed objects
[8:35]  You: that may be something we can fix with the mono team
[8:35]  You: it may be called by the verification of bytecode
[8:35]  You: which we do whenever a script is rezzed
[8:36]  Davie Zinner: that's reasonable and not too surprising
[8:36]  You: doing it when we first cache the bytecode might help in the cases where the same script is being rezzed repeatedly
[8:36]  Davie Zinner: ah, cool
[8:36]  You: it's probably something we should look at later though
[8:36]  You: fix the bugs and then look at performance issues
[8:36]  You: link message performance is another one i'd like to look at once we're done with bugs
[8:38]  You: great, well it sounds like we're mostly doing the right things
[8:38]  You: and just need to crunch through the outstanding bugs so you can help find some more
[8:38]  Siann Beck: Mmmm, crunchy bugs.
[8:38]  Davie Zinner: :-)
[8:39]  You: so, i'll go back to trying to hire some more engineers to crunch through the bugs if there's nothing else
[8:39]  You: once again, thank you all for coming
[8:39]  Becky Pippen: thank you guys!
[8:39]  You: and for all your work helping test mono
[8:39]  Siann Beck: Thanks for your work.
[8:39]  Harleen Gretzky: tc babbage, and don't forget to turn scripts back on :)
[8:40]  Becky Pippen giggles
[8:40]  Siann Beck: lol
[8:40]  You: it should be back on now
[8:40]  Harleen Gretzky: thx :)