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[14:58]  DNA: 1228 bytes free
[14:58]  Move: Anchor off. No-fall mode off. 
[14:58]  Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...
[14:58]  Connected
[14:59]  Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...
[14:59]  Connected
[15:00]  Siann Beck: Speak of the devil.....
[15:00]  Davie Zinner: Hi all
[15:00]  Kitto Flora: Hello
[15:00]  Periapse: Hi, everybody!
[15:00]  Phantom Ninetails: Oh my, 3 already? Greetings y'all
[15:00]  Darien Caldwell: hello :)
[15:00]  Phantom Ninetails: Has anyone else managed to successfully ride a MONO vehicle yet?
[15:01]  Kitto Flora: No me
[15:01]  Kitto Flora: Convert to mono - they die
[15:01]  Siann Beck: i haven't tried.
[15:01]  Siann Beck: Well, I just filed a couple of bug reports that are probably impacting just about everybody.
[15:01]  Periapse: I tried a segway thing. it worked. but there are lots of vehicles
[15:01]  Phantom Ninetails: I just recently managed to. Earlier on the main grid I made a remote controlled Kart 1.0, takes control on click. It amazingly works on MONO with no changes
[15:01]  Siann Beck: SVC-1770 and SVC-1772
[15:01]  Periapse: Thanks Siann, are they linked to the meta issue?
[15:02]  Siann Beck: Yes.
[15:02]  Periapse: thanks, bringing them up now
[15:02]  Phantom Ninetails: I'm not really sure why this kart works but the normal Kart 1.0 doesn't..
[15:03]  Periapse: Siann, I'm still waiting for them to load. Are they new issues with this update?
[15:03]  Darien Caldwell: hmm, i do both of those in my scripts Siann, and i haven't had an issue
[15:03]  Darien Caldwell: unless it's new
[15:03]  Siann Beck: Well, I never got a chance to test the problems I mentioned with the last update, my guess is they were there, too.
[15:03]  Darien Caldwell: i haevn't tried anything since the refresh
[15:03]  Siann Beck: But they didn't exist in the initial release.
[15:03]  Darien Caldwell: i see
[15:03]  Periapse: Well the key issue might be new
[15:04]  Kitto Flora: The key issue would kill a lot of my scripts
[15:04]  Periapse: Babbage fixed some things with keys in this last update, it's possible that something else broke
[15:04]  Siann Beck: The script where I found these issues was working with the initial Mono release
[15:04]  Phantom Ninetails: Hmm. Before the refresh, I couldn't get much stuff working; this successful vehicle didn't work. llInstantMessage didn't work either. Now they do :)
[15:05]  Rex Cronon: hello everybody
[15:05]  Periapse: So this update should have fixed a lot of things from the previous update
[15:05]  Phantom Ninetails: Greetings
[15:05]  Periapse: Hi, Rex.
[15:05]  Siann Beck: Hi Rex.
[15:05]  Darien Caldwell: hello :)
[15:05]  Periapse: Also, a few days ago Babbage gave us a new UthreadInjector binary
[15:05]  Rex Cronon: hi....
[15:05]  Periapse: which fixed the really weird crashes that were occurring since the previous update
[15:06]  Siann Beck: Well, at least my height detector is working now :)
[15:06]  Periapse: if you look at SVC-1712 you'll see just how weird it was
[15:06]  Kitto Flora: Anyone seen problems with child prim clicks not being serviced in child, rather passing to root?
[15:07]  Periapse: Basically there was a problem in the uthreadinjector such that the stack was getting corrupted across a yield and restore
[15:07]  Periapse: Kitto, I haven't seen a JIRA on that
[15:07]  Darien Caldwell: hehe, leave it to Strife to find something like that ^.^
[15:07]  Periapse: lol!
[15:08]  Siann Beck: That's about all I've had a chance to test; I can't really do anything without keys.
[15:08]  Darien Caldwell: yes that will kill my work too :\
[15:08]  Phantom Ninetails: Keys seem better now though
[15:08]  Siann Beck: Oh? This was just a couple of hours ago.
[15:08]  Periapse: Well, I will send these issues immediately to Babbage.
[15:08]  Kitto Flora: Oh - major question: Is the client we use here critical? I could not find download infor for a 'mono client'.
[15:09]  Periapse: Well, I'm using the RC viewer, but it doesn't have the Mono UI.
[15:09]  Periapse: Kitto, the link is on the Mono Beta FAQ page. Is it not working?
[15:10]  Valradica Vale: do you have to have a specific viewer?
[15:10]  Kitto Flora: I dint find a link to ant 'Mono Beta FAQ'.
[15:10]  Siann Beck: It just links to the page with the regular Beta previewer.
[15:10]  Phantom Ninetails: I got my viewer from, can compile Mono so I assume it's the Mono viewer
[15:10]  Periapse:
[15:10]  Kitto Flora: I searched L Blog for MONO client link - none
[15:10]  Kitto Flora: Search Secondlife site for MONO - no relavant hits
[15:10]  Siann Beck: OK, they were separate viewers before, Phantom; they must have merged them.
[15:11]  Phantom Ninetails: :)
[15:11]  Periapse: The client is actually shared between Havok and Mono
[15:11]  Siann Beck: Try this one:
[15:11]  Periapse: And Mono has documentation on the wiki
[15:11]  Periapse: the page I just sent, plus a main Mono page
[15:11]  Valradica Vale: Ok, so I am still confused
[15:12]  Periapse: Yes Valradica?
[15:12]  Valradica Vale: I thought that mono was a function of the server
[15:12]  Valradica Vale: not the viewer
[15:12]  Periapse: Yes, the only viewer components are the UI
[15:12]  Periapse: the mono checkbox
[15:12]  Periapse: and menu items
[15:12]  Siann Beck: But the viewer has to have an option in the UI
[15:13]  Valradica Vale: How can I quickly check to make sure that is set up for me?
[15:13]  Periapse: Open a script and look for the Compile to Mono checkbox
[15:13]  Valradica Vale: yes, that is there
[15:13]  Periapse: if you see it, you've got a mono viewer
[15:13]  Kitto Flora: OK, the client I have is older than the one there, so I need a client download
[15:13]  Valradica Vale: cool
[15:13]  Valradica Vale: sorry I was late, but this morning when I came in
[15:13]  Valradica Vale: not a single one of my scripts would work
[15:13]  Periapse: There's nothing new (for Mono) in the new preview download.
[15:13]  Valradica Vale: under monp
[15:14]  Periapse: I think it's mostly just for Havok.
[15:14]  Periapse: Interestingly Havok is also a server function
[15:14]  Periapse: but there are some build limitations in the viewer that havok wanted to relax
[15:14]  Periapse: I think something about enabling building at higher than the current ceiling
[15:14]  Kitto Flora: <- latest? I have 1.18.3 (70780) from Sept 2007
[15:14]  Siann Beck: Val, if you assign a literal value to a key in the global declare, the script will not run at all (SVC-1770)
[15:14]  Darien Caldwell: nice
[15:15]  Valradica Vale: Ouch
[15:15]  Periapse: Oh! Yes, Kitto. September was before the Mono beta launch.
[15:15]  Periapse: So that's a bit *too* old.
[15:15]  Valradica Vale: is that on purpose and will be fixed - or is that something I globally need to fix myself
[15:15]  Siann Beck: I hope it's a bug!
[15:15]  Kitto Flora: So is the client likley to bork mono compile 'here'?
[15:16]  Kitto Flora: OK
[15:16]  Darien Caldwell: it looks like literals for keys is broken completely
[15:16]  Siann Beck: Yes.
[15:16]  Darien Caldwell: not global or in functions
[15:16]  Arawn Spitteler: Where are the compilers?
[15:16]  Periapse: It's a bug -- I'll import it to the internal JIRA and send it to babbage after this office hour
[15:16]  Kitto Flora shelves all his failures, goess for a new client
[15:16]  Rex Cronon: u need the mono viewer
[15:17]  Periapse: Arawn -- for Mono compilation is done server side
[15:17]  Arawn Spitteler: Asset or Physics Servers?
[15:17]  Periapse: Neither actually.
[15:17]  Siann Beck: Sim server, yes?
[15:17]  Periapse: The Asset cluster doesn't do computation.
[15:18]  Periapse: Well, actually Siann, you're correct.
[15:18]  Kitto Flora: brb
[15:18]  Periapse: It's not the simulator itself that compiles, but each sim host
[15:18]  Valradica Vale: do you have any idea when this bug will be fixed , cuz its a lot of work to fix all those scripts
[15:18]  Periapse: Val, you mean ?
[15:18]  Valradica Vale: just to see if the rest of things are working
[15:19]  Periapse: I'm going to bump up the priority of the internal issue to critical
[15:19]  Valradica Vale: yes
[15:19]  Valradica Vale: that one
[15:19]  Wolfhaven Teleportation HUD v2.0 Ready
[15:19]  Valradica Vale: yeah the problem is that if we come here and rebuild all our scripts to see if they work
[15:19]  Valradica Vale: then you refresh the region
[15:19]  Valradica Vale: we lose all that work,
[15:20]  Valradica Vale: makes it a bit tough to play :-)
[15:20]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 Red whispers: Read card 
[15:20]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 X whispers: Set to channel 1
[15:20]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 X whispers: Reading card, please WAIT....
[15:20]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 X whispers: Set to channel 1
[15:20]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 X whispers: Configured
[15:20]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 X whispers: No nearby track!
[15:20]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 X whispers: Home set
[15:20]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 Red whispers: Set to channel 1
[15:20]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 Red: Sit on the engine to ride
[15:20]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 Red whispers: Read card 
[15:20]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 Red whispers: Configured
[15:20]  Periapse: Val -- I know. it's a pain for me as well. I have to recreate all the special parcels every refresh
[15:20]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 Red whispers: Reading card, please WAIT....
[15:20]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 Red whispers: Set to channel 1
[15:20]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 Red: Sit on the engine to ride
[15:20]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 Red whispers: Read card 
[15:20]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 Red: Sit on the engine to ride
[15:20]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 Red whispers: Configured
[15:20]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 Red: Sit on the engine to ride
[15:20]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 Red: Sit on the engine to ride
[15:20]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 Red: Sit on the engine to ride
[15:20]  Davie Zinner: That's the nature of a beta test platform.
[15:20]  Periapse: But we have to load simstates frequently when there is a crash
[15:21]  Valradica Vale: sure I understand
[15:21]  Periapse: Say SQuirrel, can you please turn off that spammy object?
[15:21]  Squirrel Wood: what is spamming?
[15:21]  Phantom Ninetails: I think it's Kitto's
[15:21]  KFengine2-1 12.1.4 Red: Sit on the engine to ride
[15:21]  Periapse: oh, right, sorry. Kitto?
[15:21]  Squirrel Wood: either way... rez parameter seems to be broken
[15:22]  Kitto Flora: ?
[15:22]  Periapse: I want to publish this transcript and don't want to have to edit out all this object spam
[15:22]  Kitto Flora: OK
[15:22]  Periapse: The KFengine
[15:22]  Periapse: Thx
[15:22]  Periapse: Squirrel? What's that?
[15:23]  Kitto Flora: Well it still dont work even on a simple script, but that one does havea kex x = ""; in it
[15:23]  Periapse: "rez parameter"
[15:23]  Squirrel Wood: llGetStartParameter(); in state_entry after llResetScript(); does not return the proper value :(
[15:23]  Periapse: Is that new?
[15:24]  Davie Zinner: yesterday I had an on_rez() handler pick up the parameter correctly.
[15:24]  Periapse: Please shoot us a JIRA with a simple repro
[15:24]  Squirrel Wood: just noticed it though may have been that way for some time
[15:24]  Valradica Vale: Periapse, I have a tactical question
[15:25]  Periapse: yes?
[15:25]  Valradica Vale: would it be possible to get a main grid sim runnin mono, like they are doing with H4
[15:25]  Rex Cronon: brb
[15:25]  Valradica Vale: I have found it sooooo much easier to work hon Havok4 with inworld sims
[15:25]  Valradica Vale: cuz I can work on stuff and still be intouch with my SL work
... about 50 pages of object spam deleted

[15:26]  Periapse: ok, I disabled scripts on this region, just for the remainder of this hour
[15:26]  Leaving god mode, level 200
[15:26]  Darien Caldwell: good idea ^.^
[15:27]  Squirrel Wood: I did *not* expect that
[15:27]  Phantom Ninetails: Yeah, wow, that was alot
[15:27]  Valradica Vale: I guess the reason is that its much easier to work on things when I can hop over to a sim and wring it out
[15:27]  Periapse: Nobody expects the spanish inquisition
[15:27]  Siann Beck: lol, I was just thinking that Peri
[15:27]  Valradica Vale: and I can make MONO objects in my regular inventory that I keep working on
[15:27]  Valradica Vale: a bit at a time
[15:27]  Valradica Vale: When I come here, I have to sorta reset everyting back up
[15:28]  Periapse: I understand Val. From our perspective we have to balance two things
[15:28]  Phantom Ninetails: Valradica, I'm sore Mono will be on the main grid some time in the future in a similar way, probably following the same path as Havok4
[15:28]  Squirrel Wood: btw.. that was script code that worked flawlessly in the past
[15:28]  Periapse: One is the convenience of being on agni, as you mention
[15:28]  Squirrel Wood: on mono.
[15:28]  Periapse: The other is the danger
[15:28]  Valradica Vale: danger?
[15:28]  Periapse: If there are problems in Mono that cause inventory loss
[15:28]  Valradica Vale: hmmm, right
[15:28]  Periapse: or L$ transaction exploits
[15:28]  Periapse: that is enormously bad
[15:29]  Valradica Vale: yeah, I got ti
[15:29]  Valradica Vale: yup
[15:29]  Valradica Vale: silly me :-)
[15:29]  Darien Caldwell: plus as alpha as Mono is, it's not the time to have 50,000 ppl rushing over and saying "omg, my stuff doesn't work" :)
[15:29]  Periapse: So we will move to the main grid only after we (and our vigilant QA department) believe it is safe
[15:29]  Siann Beck: lol Darien
[15:29]  Periapse: lol -- yes.
[15:29]  Arawn Spitteler: Assuming it got past the Compiler, would MONO be able to request spending perms, without asking?
[15:30]  Periapse: I don't think we will ever do what Havok4 is, with rotating regions through this grid
[15:30]  Siann Beck: I wouldn't think so, that's not something that happens at compile-time, Arawn.
[15:30]  Phantom Ninetails: Hm
[15:30]  Periapse: we *may* choose to do an early adopter program
[15:31]  Valradica Vale: somewhere on the vastness of the grid, there must be a linden sim you could use, no?
[15:31]  Periapse: but i think Babbage is leaning toward making mono safe, compatible, and then simply pushing it out to agni
[15:31]  Valradica Vale: hmmmm - my vote, if it matters, is to do what H4 did
[15:31]  Periapse: Val -- yes, that is an option. A single mono sandbox on agni as soon as it is deemed safe
[15:32]  Siann Beck: Frankly, I wouldn't go near it on the main grid until then.
[15:32]  Arawn Spitteler: Zero has a sim that would love the speed promised
[15:32]  Periapse: Val -- what in particular, and why?
[15:32]  Kitto Flora: Meanwhile the two main problems with working on Aditi could be dealt with ....
[15:33]  Valradica Vale: well, therer were a number of things about my products that I could never rally get to the bottom of here
[15:33]  Kitto Flora: The Inventory issue - DONT update an Av's invetory to MG UNLESS they ask.
[15:33]  Valradica Vale: some of them depended on having other people to help test
[15:33]  Valradica Vale: for security reasons
[15:33]  Valradica Vale: it was tought to get them to come here with me and stand around while I fiddeld
[15:33]  Siann Beck: Don't you have alts, Val?
[15:33]  Valradica Vale: so having it on the main grid, I could borrow testers, for example
[15:33]  Valradica Vale: yeah that worked
[15:33]  Kitto Flora: If and Av want an update and wants to keep some specials - give the specials to an Alt Av that is not updated.
[15:34]  Darien Caldwell: you can pay BIG Beta grid salaries
[15:34]  Periapse: Val -- that's good info. But what specifically about the havok program would you like Mono to adopt?
[15:34]  Periapse: Rotating regions through the beta grid? Early adopter? Sandbox?
[15:34]  Valradica Vale: putting it in a sim on the main grid - sorry I was not clear - but I do understand the difficulties if it is done too early
[15:34]  Valradica Vale: yes early adopter or sandbox
[15:35]  Kitto Flora: Sandbox would be good, with a group-limited Rez to stop the horde
[15:35]  Periapse: Well, I think the sandbox is more likely. There really is a lot of work in wrangling the early adopter. And for Havok it's easy to justify.
[15:35]  Periapse: But not so for Mono.
[15:35]  Valradica Vale: sure
[15:36]  Valradica Vale: you could have a sim in Mono that is group limited as suggested
[15:36]  Periapse: The good news is that while we have seen a lot of weird Mono issues
[15:36]  Valradica Vale: that would keep serious developers in the loop
[15:36]  Periapse: particularly from the previous update
[15:36]  Periapse: we haven't seen any inventory-eating bugs
[15:36]  Valradica Vale: but not the mad rush you are concerned with
[15:36]  Periapse: which are the things we're terrified of
[15:37]  Valradica Vale: well, we will leave it up to you lindens to figure out -, but thanks for listening
[15:37]  Periapse: worse than sim crashers
[15:37]  Valradica Vale: I can imagine
[15:37]  Kitto Flora: I had a fail to 'take' problem earlier
[15:37]  Periapse: So regarding the key bug
[15:38]  Periapse: I'll email babbage and scouse after this.
[15:38]  Periapse: Depending on where the fix is, it may require another update
[15:38]  Siann Beck: Don't forget SVC-1772, they're probably related.
[15:38]  Periapse: or it may be in the compiler or uthread binary
[15:39]  Periapse: if the latter it can be easily patched without going through the full update process
[15:39]  Periapse: since this entire beta is running on one host.
[15:40]  Periapse: Yes, Siann, I've got 1772 open also
[15:41]  Siann Beck: Slightly unrelated, what became of the db update that was supposed to happen last Monday?
[15:41]  Periapse: Good question. The Havok4 team was pushing it.
[15:41]  Periapse: We don't really need it.
[15:41]  Phantom Ninetails: This one?
[15:42]  Siann Beck: Yeah
[15:42]  Phantom Ninetails: It happenned
[15:42]  Phantom Ninetails: It's why I'm here :)
[15:42]  Periapse: There aren't too many LSL experts who were born after September of last year.
[15:42]  Darien Caldwell: not for me, my inventory is unchanged.
[15:42]  Siann Beck: Oh? It didn't happen for me.
[15:42]  Periapse: So not exactly a lot of people waiting for it for Mono.
[15:42]  Phantom Ninetails: Well that's odd then
[15:42]  Periapse: I've confirmed that it didn't happen.
[15:43]  Phantom Ninetails: Well I wasn't able to get here before that date, and my inventory is pretty up to date..
[15:43]  Kitto Flora: I thought it didnt, but I just got a personal update.
[15:43]  Periapse: I'll ask Sidewinder if he is going to proceed with it later
[15:43]  Siann Beck: Well, it's not a huge deal, but there's one object in particular I'd like to have over here. I could re-build it to test its scripts, but that would be a pain.
[15:43]  Davie Zinner: I'm in the same boat.
[15:44]  Periapse: Ok. I'll give that feedback. Please be sure that all your scripts are backed up
[15:44]  Periapse: either on the main grid, or cut/paste to local files
[15:44]  Rex Cronon: is there a problem with this sim right now?
[15:44]  Periapse: just in case the Havok4 team says the db refresh is a go
[15:44]  Kitto Flora: (Scripts are off)
[15:44]  Periapse: Rex, i diabled scripts
[15:44]  Valradica Vale: not really Rex, but Peri turned scripts off
[15:45]  Periapse: until after the meeting
[15:45]  Rex Cronon: ohhh
[15:45]  Rex Cronon: i am really not familiar with the "scripts off" icon
[15:45]  Periapse: Right, the "gears" icon
[15:45]  Kitto Flora: Its 'no snowflakes'
[15:45]  Phantom Ninetails: lol
[15:45]  Arawn Spitteler thinks it might be the one with the gears
[15:45]  Periapse: (I'm using the windlight viewer)
[15:46]  Periapse: Kitto -- lol
[15:46]  Kitto Flora: Whoever
[15:46]  Kitto Flora: made the new icons should go back to Microsoft :)
[15:46]  Siann Beck: Heh!
[15:46]  Rex Cronon: it looks like there are 3 gears working
[15:47]  Darien Caldwell: here I Thought it was a grinder for the falling man. like don't insert people into gears
[15:47]  Phantom Ninetails: LOL
[15:47]  Periapse: lol
[15:47]  Valradica Vale: yeah but it SAYS "no scripts"
[15:47]  Periapse: well, you know they do have hovertips
[15:47]  Periapse: and some you can even click for more info
[15:47]  Phantom Ninetails: THe arrow's pointing the other way, I think it's 'don't pull people out of gears (or snowflakes)'
[15:47]  Rex Cronon: for me the image is not descriptive of its function
[15:48]  Darien Caldwell: ahh yes, Phantom
[15:48]  Phantom Ninetails: :)
[15:48]  Valradica Vale: well, guys, I do have to go - but keep us posted
[15:48]  Siann Beck: Well, it's pretty limited space up there.
[15:48]  Rex Cronon: bye valradica
[15:48]  Valradica Vale: we are for the most part eager to see this happen, but happen well
[15:48]  Siann Beck: Seeya Val.
[15:48]  Phantom Ninetails: Sayonara Val
[15:48]  Periapse: Bye, Val, thx for coming
[15:48]  Darien Caldwell: bye Val
[15:48]  Valradica Vale: thanks for all your work, Peri
[15:49]  Periapse: So any other questions before I go import Siann's new JIRAe
[15:49]  Phantom Ninetails: Hmmmm
[15:50]  Phantom Ninetails: "Unable to upload  [path snipped] due to the following reason: UThread injection failed. Please try again later.” for Kart 1.0.. Does this have a jira?
[15:50]  Kitto Flora: Get that garlic and stakes a-workin' :)
[15:50]  Periapse: lol -- I'm waiting for the db refresh so I can wear some of my new clothes!
[15:51]  Phantom Ninetails: I really do think it happenned, at least for newer people.. I wasn't able to get here before, and my inventory's rather recent
[15:51]  Periapse: Phantom -- if you can whittle that uthread failure down any, please send us a JIRA with a minimal repro
[15:52]  Phantom Ninetails: Well, okay, I'll see what I can do
[15:52]  Periapse Linden checks his inventory
[15:52]  Periapse: Naw, my Ayeko Chucks aren't here. The db refresh didn't happen
[15:52]  Siann Beck: I'm thinking that accounts may get pushed to the beta grid separately; I have alts younger than October who are able to get here.
[15:53]  Phantom Ninetails: Strange
[15:53]  Darien Caldwell: that could be
[15:53]  Darien Caldwell: but I know my whole mono folder is still here, and i added about 2000 more items to my inventory, and they aren't here :)
[15:53]  Darien Caldwell: still only 23k
[15:53]  Darien Caldwell: *giggle*
[15:53]  Siann Beck: lol
[15:53]  Phantom Ninetails: Hm, I wonder if SVC-1345 is what causes Kart's problem
[15:53]  Periapse: yikes!
[15:54]  Darien Caldwell loves shopping and building
[15:54]  Siann Beck: Oh yes, I haven't checked it out yet, but the Wiki says that Mono Beta group members can change the parcel media on the no-scripts parcel. How can we test media scripts in that case?
[15:54]  Periapse: Yeah, phantom, that's another uthread injector bug
[15:54]  Phantom Ninetails: :)
[15:54]  Periapse: Siann, can you please test that out?
[15:54]  Siann Beck: OK
[15:55]  Periapse: I can do it, but that may not be the best test
[15:55]  Periapse: The parcel is a "no scripts" parcel for people who want to test attachments
[15:55]  Siann Beck: Well, it's fine to have a parcel where we can change the media, but it should be on a parcel with scripting.
[15:56]  Periapse: but it's associated with the mono beta group
[15:56]  Periapse: so if you want "no scripts" you deactivate the group
[15:56]  Siann Beck: Ah, I see.
[15:56]  Periapse: and if you want rights, and scripting, you activate the group
[15:56]  Siann Beck: So, with Mono Beta activated, scripts work there?
[15:56]  Periapse: at least that's how it's supposed to work.
[15:56]  Siann Beck: I see.
[15:56]  Phantom Ninetails: Handy
[15:56]  Rex Cronon: where is that parcel located?
[15:57]  Phantom Ninetails: North east of us
[15:57]  Periapse:
[15:57]  Phantom Ninetails: ctrl+alt+shift+P to see property (parcel) border lines
[15:57]  Periapse: At the bottom of the faq I put the locations of several special parcels I set up
[15:57]  Periapse: But they keep getting erased every time we have to debug a crash and reload simstates
[15:58]  Periapse: so all I do know is elevate the terrrain a bit so the regions stick out
[15:58]  Periapse: parcels, I mean
[15:59]  Periapse: anyhow there is a large water area as well
[15:59]  Periapse: and someone asked for it to span region boundaries
[15:59]  Periapse: to test region crossing s in boats
[15:59]  Periapse: so there it is. Try it now because it'll prolly be gone again after the next crash :-(
[16:00]  Phantom Ninetails: If we've got a working boat ;)
[16:00]  Periapse: lol, and once I turn scripts bac on
[16:00]  Phantom Ninetails: Heh yeah that might help too
[16:00]  Periapse: So, last questions?
[16:00]  Entering god mode, level 200
[16:00]  Phantom Ninetails: Nah I'm good
[16:00]  Object: Hello, Avatar!
[16:00]  Object: Touched.
[16:00]  Siann Beck: That's about it for me.
[16:01]  Leaving god mode, level 200
[16:01]  Rex Cronon: Script run-time error
[16:01]  Periapse: ok, then. Thanks for coming
[16:01]  Phantom Ninetails: :) Sayonara
[16:01]  Davie Zinner: Thanks Peri.
[16:01]  Periapse: as you can see, scripts are back on
[16:01]  Phantom Ninetails: lol, I noticed
[16:01]  Darien Caldwell: thank you, Periapse
[16:01]  Siann Beck: Yes
[16:01]  Kitto Flora: Byebye Peri
[16:01]  Periapse: bye!