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[14:59]  Periapse: Hi, Phantom
[15:00]  Phantom Ninetails: :)
[15:00]  Phantom Ninetails: COuld I get you to delete those pac-men over there? They've been bothering me for a while
[15:00]  Siann Beck: Hey Peri.
[15:00]  Periapse: where are they?
[15:00]  Phantom Ninetails: South
[15:00]  Periapse: oh
[15:00]  Periapse: brb
[15:00]  Phantom Ninetails: 'Kay
[15:01]  Entering god mode, level 200
[15:02]  Phantom Ninetails: Thanks :)
 [15:03]  Lee Ludd: Is this the Mono meeting?
[15:03]  Siann Beck: Yep
[15:03]  Periapse: Yes, Lee, welcome
[15:03]  Lee Ludd: Thanks.
[15:03]  Phantom Ninetails: :)
[15:03]  Periapse: So, since the last meeting, we've gotten another refresh
[15:03]  Siann Beck: Yay!
[15:03]  Periapse: how is this working for you all?
[15:03]  Phantom Ninetails: I noticed that, it fixed key comparisons :)
[15:03]  Lee Ludd: It solved all my problems.
[15:04]  Phantom Ninetails: It broke control events though :(
[15:04]  Siann Beck: Much better; I'm able to actually test my scripts :)
[15:04]  Periapse: Yes, although there are still a few problems with keys
[15:04]  Periapse: and control events
[15:04]  Phantom Ninetails: :(
[15:04]  Siann Beck: Yeah, I'm having trouble with key values getting corrupted.
[15:04]  Lee Ludd: It can't find some builtin in keys, is that what you're referring to?
[15:04]  Periapse: these are new issues, and Babbage and Scouse are looking at them
[15:04]  Periapse: SVC-1825 and SVC-1827 I think
[15:04]  Phantom Ninetails: :)
[15:05]  Periapse: :-)
[15:05]  Periapse: Siann, what's this about key corruption? I thought that was fixed
[15:05]  Phantom Ninetails: I'm the one who submitted SVC-1827 :P
[15:06]  Siann Beck: I haven't had a chance to look into it yet, but I have one script bundling some values into a string to pass via link message; on the other side, the key value is corrupted -- binary characters.
[15:06]  Periapse: and 1825, no?
[15:06]  Phantom Ninetails: Nope, I didn't submit that one, merely pointed it out in the blog
[15:06]  Siann Beck: It could be the link message doing it; I haven't had a chance to dig into it.
[15:06]  Periapse: ah
[15:06]  Phantom Ninetails: :)
[15:06]  Periapse: Ok, Siann -- if you can get to the bottom of it that would be great
[15:06]  Siann Beck: OK
[15:06]  Phantom Ninetails: Credit for 1825 goes to Creem Pye
[15:06]  Periapse: if there are still problems with keys we need to know asap
[15:07]  Siann Beck: Alright, I'll see if I can check into it after this.
[15:07]  Periapse: Thanks. If I see a new JIRA from you I'll pass it on immediately to Babbage
[15:07]  Siann Beck: OK
[15:07]  Periapse: He did the key work
[15:08]  Periapse: Let's see, what other news do I have...
[15:08]  Periapse: This grid will likely get a new viewer on Monday or Tuesday
[15:08]  Periapse: I don't know much about it -- the havok team is doing it
[15:08]  Lee Ludd: The beta grid?
[15:08]  Periapse: all we did is give them the patch for the mono UI
[15:08]  Phantom Ninetails: Yay! Hopefully it'll be one without that Release Keys button in the way =)
[15:09]  Siann Beck: Yeah! That's annoying.
[15:09]  Periapse: yes, Lee, I'm not sure if you'll be required to update or not
[15:09]  Lee Ludd: np if I do
[15:09]  Periapse: well, I'm using the latest RC and Release Keys is still here
[15:09]  Phantom Ninetails: Is it over top of the text?
[15:09]  Phantom Ninetails: Covering half a line
[15:09]  Periapse: I haven't gotten around to hacking the xml to get rid of it
[15:09]  Siann Beck: It blocks the tab for minimized windows.
[15:09]  Periapse: oh, no, it's in its "old" spot
[15:10]  Phantom Ninetails: Ah, then that's much better :)
[15:10]  Periapse: but it's still not something I ever use, so it just takes up space
[15:10]  Phantom Ninetails: Indeed
[15:10]  Phantom Ninetails: But it's better to take up space without covering up chat space :P
[15:10]  Periapse: Yep
[15:10]  Phantom Ninetails: :)
[15:10]  Siann Beck: Heh -- I use chat bubbles, so I never noticed that problem.
[15:11]  Periapse: The new viewer will probably be based off of 1.19.1
[15:11]  Periapse: which will mean it has windlight built in
[15:11]  Siann Beck: Cool!
[15:11]  Phantom Ninetails: Hmm, nifty, I've never used windlight before
[15:11]  Siann Beck: It's very nice.
[15:11]  Periapse: or they may go conservative and build it off of release which is 1.19.0
[15:11]  Phantom Ninetails: Guess I'll be having some fun with that
[15:12]  Lee Ludd: Windlight is beautiful.
[15:12]  Periapse: I think the major change is for Havok -- they are testing upping the build ceiling
[15:12]  Phantom Ninetails: SO I've heard. Except I hear avatars aren't so beautiful in it :P
[15:12]  Periapse: So -- don't quote me on this 'cause i'm not certain -- but I heard 4000m
[15:12]  Siann Beck: It depends on how well they're drawn.
[15:12]  Phantom Ninetails: I heard 4096 ;)
[15:12]  Lee Ludd: wow
[15:12]  Siann Beck: And of course, how you have the light settings tweaked.
[15:12]  Phantom Ninetails: I see
[15:13]  Periapse: More like a space cabin than a sky cabin
[15:13]  Phantom Ninetails: Hee, yeah, that's going to be fun to play with
[15:13]  Periapse: since it's way beyond clouds or draw distance
[15:13]  Phantom Ninetails: My draw distance is set to 4096 :P
[15:13]  Lee Ludd: how do you move?
[15:13]  Phantom Ninetails: Not alot to draw on the beta grid so it's great
[15:13]  Siann Beck: Are you serious?!
[15:13]  Siann Beck: Oh, you mean here.
[15:13]  Phantom Ninetails: Getting about 70fps :P
[15:13]  Phantom Ninetails: Yeah, here
[15:13]  Periapse: Phantom, do you have it set that high on agni?
[15:13]  Phantom Ninetails: Nope, just here
[15:14]  Phantom Ninetails: It'd use way too much of my precious bandwidth on the main grid :P
[15:14]  Lee Ludd: It would use all of it.
[15:14]  Phantom Ninetails: ^_^
[15:14]  Lee Ludd: 1 fpd
[15:14]  Siann Beck: lol
[15:14]  Phantom Ninetails: lol
[15:14]  Periapse: I'm using my main grid viewer now. So I could up the draw distance while I'm here.
[15:14]  Phantom Ninetails: :)
[15:14]  Periapse: but if i forget to turn it back down before I log back on the main grid i'm in trouble...
[15:15]  Phantom Ninetails: Heh, yeah :P
[15:15]  Lee Ludd: What is the schedule for pushing mono to the main grid?
[15:15]  Lee Ludd: or the prospective schedule
[15:15]  Periapse: At present there is no schedule for that. Let me explain
[15:16]  Periapse: This milestone for Mono is simply to do a beta and get Mono as compatible to LSL as possible
[15:16]  Lee Ludd: good
[15:16]  Periapse: And we're nearly there
[15:16]  Lee Ludd: i think so
[15:16]  Phantom Ninetails: Yeah it's going along pretty well :)
[15:16]  Periapse: if you look at the meta issue you see we're donw to the last dozen bugs
[15:17]  Phantom Ninetails: :)
[15:17]  Periapse: so then we need to decide what's next
[15:17]  Periapse: it may be that what's next is indeed a push to get Mono on agni
[15:18]  Periapse: but first we need to make sure that, as is, Mono is a significant advantage.
[15:18]  Periapse: Otherwise we should add value, enhancements before we push to the main grid
[15:19]  Siann Beck: Would a Havok4+Mono beta here be a good idea first?
[15:19]  Periapse: So one thing that will help us make that decision is the experiences you have had with Mono
[15:19]  Periapse: Benchmarks are great, but don't tell the story of how something behaves in the real world (well, real virtual world)
[15:20]  Periapse: So we need to know (a) do your experiences suggest that Mono is a win?
[15:20]  Siann Beck: (a) yes!
[15:20]  Periapse: and (b) we need to get some stats on how Mono changes the performance of a typical region
[15:20]  Lee Ludd: Well I make a fairly complicated scripted object
[15:20]  Lee Ludd: And I have a lot of them standing on my sim.
[15:21]  Lee Ludd: You could bring that sim into here and see what happens with several thousand scripts running under mono.
[15:21]  Phantom Ninetails: I work alot with vehicles so I haven't been able to do quite as much testing as I'd like
[15:21]  Periapse: So, Siann, to your observation, Yes, Havok4 + Mono is something else we'd like to test before we put Mono out on agni
[15:22]  Periapse: Lee -- the problem with, say, bringing your region over here, is that there isn't any way to automatically recompile all scripts to Mono
[15:22]  Periapse: you would have to do that, and it doesn't sound like much fun
[15:22]  Lee Ludd: No but you want to do that I will go through and recompile them.
[15:23]  Lee Ludd: It would take me a few hours but if it advances science I'm willing.
[15:23]  Siann Beck: Just select them in bunches and recompile from the tools menu
[15:23]  Periapse: This isn't like Havok, where the physics engine covers everything.
[15:23]  Lee Ludd: You have to open the script and set the mono flag
[15:23]  Lee Ludd: You can't do that in bunches I think.
[15:23]  Siann Beck: No. you can select Mono from the meny
[15:23]  Phantom Ninetails: Tools | Recompile scripts in selection | Mono
[15:23]  Lee Ludd: O
[15:23]  Periapse: There is a menu item to ... thx phantom
[15:24]  Phantom Ninetails: ^_^
[15:24]  Lee Ludd: I didn't know that.
[15:24]  Phantom Ninetails: It's very handy
[15:24]  Lee Ludd: That's nice
[15:24]  Siann Beck: Quite!
[15:24]  Periapse: Phantom -- you've been using that menu option? Does it work consistently?
[15:24]  Periapse: I've heard anecdotal reports of problems
[15:24]  Phantom Ninetails: Sometimes it freezes up, but I haven't tested it since the latest refresh
[15:24]  Periapse: but nothing I could repro
[15:25]  Phantom Ninetails: I think it was from that uthread injection error you got in scripts with if(key)
[15:25]  8D_blank: Script run-time error
[15:25]  8D_blank: System.Security.VerificationException: A system exception has occurred.
 at LindenLab.SecondLife.Script.Deserialize (System.Byte [] class_data, System.Byte [] object_data)  [0x00000] 
[15:25]  8D_blank: Script run-time error
[15:25]  8D_blank: System.Security.VerificationException: A system exception has occurred.
 at LindenLab.SecondLife.Script.Deserialize (System.Byte [] class_data, System.Byte [] object_data)  [0x00000] 
[15:25]  8D_blank: Script run-time error
[15:25]  8D_blank: System.Security.VerificationException: A system exception has occurred.
 at LindenLab.SecondLife.Script.Deserialize (System.Byte [] class_data, System.Byte [] object_data)  [0x00000] 
[15:25]  8D_blank: Script run-time error
[15:25]  8D_blank: System.Security.VerificationException: A system exception has occurred.
 at LindenLab.SecondLife.Script.Deserialize (System.Byte [] class_data, System.Byte [] object_data)  [0x00000] 
[15:25]  Periapse: So, let's not rez scripts until the office hour is over
[15:26]  8D_blank says Goodbye, Lee.
[15:26]  Periapse: normally I turn scripting off, but there were other people in the region
[15:26]  Lee Ludd: it worked.
[15:26]  Periapse: ?? what worked? recompile selection?
[15:26]  Lee Ludd: select and recompile | mono
[15:27]  Lee Ludd: Four scripts
[15:27]  Lee Ludd: all them now working under mono
[15:27]  Periapse: Oh, good. I've used it also
[15:27]  8D_blank: Script run-time error
[15:27]  8D_blank: System.Security.VerificationException: A system exception has occurred.
 at LindenLab.SecondLife.Script.Deserialize (System.Byte [] class_data, System.Byte [] object_data)  [0x00000] 
[15:27]  8D_blank: System.Security.VerificationException: A system exception has occurred.
 at LindenLab.SecondLife.Script.Deserialize (System.Byte [] class_data, System.Byte [] object_data)  [0x00000] 
[15:27]  8D_blank: Script run-time error
[15:27]  8D_blank: Script run-time error
[15:27]  8D_blank: System.Security.VerificationException: A system exception has occurred.
 at LindenLab.SecondLife.Script.Deserialize (System.Byte [] class_data, System.Byte [] object_data)  [0x00000] 
[15:27]  8D_blank: Script run-time error
[15:27]  8D_blank: System.Security.VerificationException: A system exception has occurred.
 at LindenLab.SecondLife.Script.Deserialize (System.Byte [] class_data, System.Byte [] object_data)  [0x00000] 
[15:28]  Siann Beck: Peri, what about the database update?
[15:28]  Periapse: Sidewinder decided not to do this. I'm not sure why.
[15:28]  Periapse: Do you need it for any reason?
[15:28]  Siann Beck: Hm. It sure would be handy.
[15:29]  Siann Beck: Yes, there's a complex object I'd rather not rebuild here to test its scripts.
[15:29]  Periapse: Items you have in inventory that you want over here?
[15:29]  Periapse: right.
[15:29]  Periapse: I'll ping Sidewinder again about this. But Mono is really just a guest here on aditi now
[15:29]  Siann Beck: Right
[15:29]  Periapse: Once Havok4 is done we'll have the whole grid
[15:30]  Lee Ludd: I just recompiled the scripts in 5 doors with a single command.
[15:30]  Periapse: If there hasn't been a refresh by then, I'll order one
[15:30]  Siann Beck: OK. See if he'll do it sooner, though.
[15:30]  Periapse: Yes, I will. He's not around now (time zone thing), so I'll ask on Monday
[15:30]  Siann Beck: OK
[15:31]  Periapse: so any other questions?
[15:31]  Phantom Ninetails: I'm good
[15:32]  Periapse: Wow, it's really getting dark here.
[15:32]  Periapse: my windlight viewer is doing admirably
[15:32]  Siann Beck: Assuming I can nail down this key corruption issue, when can we expect another refresh?
[15:32]  Phantom Ninetails: Dark huh? That explains why you're wearing a light :)
[15:33]  Periapse: Yes, Siann. I think we'll do another refresh next week. We've got (in addition to whatever you find) the new key comparison and control event problems, as well as some unicode quirks
[15:33]  Siann Beck: OK
[15:33]  Periapse: and a couple other things on that list
[15:34]  Phantom Ninetails: Looking forward to it :)
[15:34]  Lee Ludd: I'm really hoping mono can be fully out there by 2009.
[15:34]  Siann Beck: I'm hoping before then!
[15:34]  Lee Ludd: I --really-- like the larger code space.
[15:35]  Lee Ludd: That's going to make a big big difference to me.
[15:35]  Periapse: Cool. We'll have Mono on the main grid before 2009.
[15:35]  Lee Ludd: great.
[15:35]  Periapse: The only question is how many features will it have
[15:35]  Lee Ludd: Anything I can offer to help with, let me know.
[15:35]  Rex Cronon: hello everybody. this mono viewer seems to not like me. i crashed on login:(
[15:35]  Phantom Ninetails: :(
[15:35]  Periapse: If we decide to get C# support in there, it make take longer
[15:35]  Lee Ludd: well don't let best get in the way of better.
[15:35]  Phantom Ninetails: Well, at least you made it, hello Rex :)
[15:35]  Periapse: if we decide it's good to go as is, well maybe in just another month
[15:36]  Periapse: Hey, Rex
[15:36]  Rex Cronon: hi
[15:36]  Lee Ludd: I'd love C# too, but lsl is fine
[15:36]  Rex Cronon: why not have lsl3 first and than c#, java...
[15:36]  Siann Beck: What thought, if any, has been given to LSL3? I know Sai is really interested in it, and I'm starting to think it would be a good idea.
[15:36]  Lee Ludd: then fortran
[15:36]  Lee Ludd: pli/1
[15:37]  Phantom Ninetails: lol
[15:37]  Siann Beck: And also Rex, apparently :)
[15:37]  Periapse: Rex, I was just speaking speculatively. We haven't decided what's next yet.
[15:37]  Siann Beck: COBOL!!!
[15:37]  Lee Ludd: ada
[15:37]  Lee Ludd: need a bigger code space.
[15:38]  Rex Cronon: i think ll needs LSL3, not every scripter here is a programmer in rl
[15:38]  Periapse: Babbage is looking at LSL3, C#, or script libraries, or improved scheduling, as the next project
[15:38]  Lee Ludd: what is lsl3?
[15:38]  Siann Beck: What LSL2 could be if it were a real language :)
[15:38]  Phantom Ninetails: I'm guessing LSL2+1 :P
[15:38]  Lee Ludd: lsl2 is a nice little language.
[15:38]  Rex Cronon: something between c# and java:)
[15:38]  Periapse: lol -- there's a wiki and a JIRA with discussion. Let me find it...
[15:39]  Lee Ludd: I'd like an #include and a few other things.
[15:39]  Siann Beck: Well, yes, it's not bad, but it would be nice to have some real language constructs.
[15:39]  Siann Beck: switch, break, continue....
[15:39]  Phantom Ninetails: Yeah those would be very useful
[15:39]  Rex Cronon: arrays, r quite important
[15:39]  Siann Beck: Yes!
[15:40]  Phantom Ninetails: :)
[15:40]  Lee Ludd: i agree with that.
[15:40]  Periapse:
[15:40]  Lee Ludd: thanks
[15:40]  Siann Beck: Oh cool, I didn't know about that
[15:40]  Rex Cronon: and LLShowInputDialog :)
[15:40]  Periapse: Well, it's a grassroots effort
[15:40]  Rex Cronon: so u can enter at least text
[15:41]  Phantom Ninetails: :)
[15:41]  Periapse: Alright, any other questions?
[15:42]  Lee Ludd: not at the moment Periapse
[15:42]  Siann Beck: That's it for me.
[15:42]  Lee Ludd: Thanks for your time.
[15:42]  Rex Cronon: did i miss anything important due to my crash on login?
[15:42]  Lee Ludd: Just the parade of naked girls that marched past.
[15:42]  Phantom Ninetails: Expecting a mono refresh in about a week
[15:42]  Siann Beck: lol
[15:42]  Phantom Ninetails: lol
[15:42]  Periapse: Not really, rex, we're looking at some new issues since the update
[15:43]  Siann Beck: I'll send you the transcript, Rex.
[15:43]  Periapse: maybe a new viewer
[15:43]  Rex Cronon: ok that i didn't miss a lot, too bad that there are more issues
[15:43]  Siann Beck: Hey there, Sai!
[15:43]  Rex Cronon: no need to siann, i think periapse will post it
[15:43]  Periapse: I'll post the transcript on the Mono beta FAQ page
[15:43]  Rex Cronon: hi sai
[15:43]  Saijanai Kuhn: hey lall. Sorry I'm late.
[15:43]  Periapse: Welcome Sai
[15:43]  Phantom Ninetails: Greetings
[15:43]  Periapse: Sai we're just wrapping up.
[15:44]  Rex Cronon: thanks for the thought:)
[15:44]  Periapse: Do you have any special questions?
[15:44]  Saijanai Kuhn: NP. Just wanted to catch Babbage but he's not here
[15:44]  Periapse: naw, Babbage is likely enjoying a pint in the pub right now
[15:44]  Saijanai Kuhn: COuld you pass on to him Rob's response about the change to jira form entry?
[15:44]  Periapse: it is Friday evening for him after all.
[15:45]  Siann Beck: Saturday morning, actually :)
[15:45]  Saijanai Kuhn: ah, ok where's he at, UK?
[15:45]  Periapse: So Sai, I actually haven't seen Babbage in a couple of days.
[15:45]  Rex Cronon: quite an eventfull day at ll isn't it?
[15:45]  Periapse: I've been rather busy with other duties, and he's been in meetings.
[15:46]  Periapse: I think he missed Wed's office hour
[15:46]  Siann Beck: He did.
[15:46]  Saijanai Kuhn: shameless plug:
[15:46]  Periapse: But he'll be back
[15:46]  Periapse: Oh, Sai, we all know about your spreadsheet. Oh, except maybe Lee
[15:46]  Lee Ludd: I've opened the page.
[15:47]  Periapse: Lee, Sai has organized the (dwindling) number of JIRAe
[15:47]  Periapse: for mono
[15:47]  Saijanai Kuhn: the form entry for jira can be modified easily to handle that error message in a its own text box, which would mean I wouldn't have to keep doing that
[15:47]  Rex Cronon: your fame is spreading sai:)
[15:47]  Saijanai Kuhn: if/when you guys go to multi-language support, it will become more important I think
[15:47]  Periapse: Well, Sai, it's more likely that I'll talk to Rob about it, not Babbage.
[15:47]  Periapse: it sound like a good thing to do, regardless of Mono
[15:48]  Periapse: and Rob is right here in Seattle with me
[15:48]  Saijanai Kuhn: KK. before the consistent error messages it made no sense but if those error messages stick around...
[15:48]  Periapse: So i think we'll "just do it"
[15:48]  Saijanai Kuhn: hooray. No more eyetsrain
[15:48]  Phantom Ninetails: I didn't know about his spreadsheet
[15:48]  Saijanai Kuhn: eyestrain*
[15:49]  Periapse: Ah, well there we go. It was most useful when there were a lot of open issues
[15:49]  Phantom Ninetails: Interesting :P
[15:49]  Saijanai Kuhn: yeah most of those green should be silver (closed) now. Forgot to do it
[15:49]  Saijanai Kuhn: another thing that would be handled automaticaly
[15:50]  Saijanai Kuhn: did you guys talk any about the future directions?
[15:50]  Periapse: Right now the team is leaning toward getting Mono out on Agni as the next step
[15:51]  Saijanai Kuhn: ah, OK. fell Future FUTURE directions after that... ;-)
[15:51]  Periapse: because everyone I talk to, internal and external, seems to agree.
[15:51]  Periapse: but that means about a month of performance testing, and we're not sure how to do that yet
[15:51]  Saijanai Kuhn: is strife's page for a new LSL 3
[15:51]  Periapse: by performance testing I mean finding out how Mono affects sim performance for a typical region
[15:52]  Siann Beck: Yes, we talked about LSL3 a bit.
[15:52]  Periapse: yes, we mentioned that a bit
[15:52]  Siann Beck: I wondered if your ears were itching :)
[15:52]  Phantom Ninetails: lol
[15:52]  Saijanai Kuhn: was in traffic ;-)
[15:52]  Periapse: so, (a) Mono to agni, (b) script libraries, (c) LSL3, (d) C#, (e) improved scheduling
[15:52]  Saijanai Kuhn: is my jira on it
[15:53]  Saijanai Kuhn: is that the schedule or just choices?
[15:53]  Periapse: That's the palette of choices, not in any order
[15:53]  Rex Cronon: script libraries?
[15:53]  Saijanai Kuhn: ah ok. WEll, seems mono to agni is the obvious first choice
[15:53]  Siann Beck: I agree, start getting the benefits of it out there ASAP
[15:54]  Phantom Ninetails: It'd certainly be interesting
[15:54]  Lee Ludd: I'm in favor of it
[15:54]  Rex Cronon: not sure what u mean when u say "script libraries"
[15:54]  Saijanai Kuhn: my idea of script library is some name space that you can use that doesn't step on the 64KB limit for a script
[15:54]  Saijanai Kuhn: not sure what they mean
[15:54]  Lee Ludd: how about object-level libraries.
[15:54]  Periapse: Right, Rex. Let me explain (though this is still notional, there's no design yet):
[15:54]  Lee Ludd: So people can have their own library of builtin functions.
[15:55]  Periapse: well it's basically that, Lee. A way to link in user libraries
[15:55]  Rex Cronon: like dll files
[15:55]  Lee Ludd: very good.
[15:55]  Saijanai Kuhn: side-stepping the memory lmit?
[15:55]  Periapse: yes, and you would be able to write new APIs on top of the LL functions
[15:55]  Periapse: and sell them
[15:55]  Saijanai Kuhn: ah, very very kool
[15:55]  Phantom Ninetails: Well that's handy
[15:55]  Siann Beck: Ooh! I like that!
[15:55]  Periapse: and yes, avoid the 64k limit (i think)
[15:56]  Rex Cronon: interesting, where r u going to share more info about it?
[15:56]  Saijanai Kuhn: might need a limit on a given library though
[15:56]  Periapse: Well, as soon as Babbage gets a design doc out, I'll paste it into the secondlife wiki
[15:56]  Saijanai Kuhn: tres nice
[15:56]  Rex Cronon: cool
[15:56]  Periapse: it's come up at several of his office hours
[15:57]  Periapse: and he's been thinking about how to actually do this
[15:57]  Periapse: but I think it requires C# first
[15:57]  Siann Beck: I assume the libraries coudl be written in any Mono-compatible language?
[15:57]  Saijanai Kuhn: that would make scripting a more lucrative business in some ways since scripts are the only 100% secure asset, even in the meta-grid
[15:57]  Periapse: at least his method does
[15:58]  Siann Beck: True, Sai.
[15:58]  Periapse: Interesting, sai
[15:58]  Periapse: well, I need to get going. Are there any final questions?
[15:58]  Lee Ludd: No I'm easy.
[15:58]  Rex Cronon: none here
[15:58]  Saijanai Kuhn: zero's been talking about having attachments remain in the agent domain so they remain part of the LL server system
[15:58]  Saijanai Kuhn: so you CAN take your scripted bling with you
[15:59]  Periapse: lol
[15:59]  Siann Beck: Heh!
[15:59]  Periapse: Thanks for coming everyone!
[15:59]  Lee Ludd: yw
[15:59]  Siann Beck: Thanks for your time, Peri.
[15:59]  Phantom Ninetails: :) Sayonara, glad to chat
[15:59]  Periapse: Stay tuned for the next update, next week
[15:59]  Periapse: Cheers!
[15:59]  Rex Cronon: bye periapse
[15:59]  Saijanai Kuhn: good see you all. I'll grab the chat log when you put it up
[15:59]  Phantom Ninetails: :)
[15:59]  Saijanai Kuhn: laters periapse