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[15:03]  Move: Anchor on. No-fall mode off. 
[15:03]  DNA: 1228 bytes free
[15:03]  Qarl Linden is Online
[15:03]  Vincent Nacon: heya Rex
[15:04]  Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...
[15:04]  Connected
[15:04]  Qarl Linden: Periapse knows all...
[15:04]  Move: Anchor off.
[15:04]  Periapse Linden:  hey, everybody
[15:04]  Rex Cronon: hi
[15:04]  Periapse Linden:  Vincent, thanks again for rezzing the chairs
[15:05]  Periapse Linden:  Qarl, thanks for coming. I'd just like to say a few things about Mono and wait to see if others show up
[15:05]  Qarl Linden: kk.
[15:05]  Periapse Linden:  So, we aren't doing a Mono update this week -- didn't get enough bugs fixed.
[15:06]  Vincent Nacon: woot! client crashes when Periapse logged on
[15:06]  Periapse Linden:  In fact all the easy targets have been taken out. We're down to the more squirrelly issues
[15:06]  Qarl Linden: how is mono coming along - i haven't been keeping up to date?
[15:07]  Periapse Linden:  Well the last update seems to have fixed the bugs that were keeping people from testing vehicles
[15:07]  Periapse Linden:  Now we're taking a closer look at performance
[15:07]  Seifert Surface: all of my stuff worked a couple of days after initial beta release, ive not been keeping up either
[15:07]  Periapse Linden:  and looking at what it will take to get Mono to the main grid
[15:07]  Periapse Linden:  which we hope to do this next quarter
[15:08]  Qarl Linden: is there an average speed-up factor?
[15:08]  Qarl Linden: is it really 1000x?
[15:08]  Periapse Linden:  Qarl, we have benchmarks on individual scripts
[15:08]  Vincent Nacon: thought it was 350
[15:08]  Vincent Nacon: but 1000 is good too
[15:08]  Qarl Linden: i'm kidding. :)
[15:08]  Periapse Linden:  and for some math intensive things, the speedup is 200x
[15:08]  Qarl Linden: ah.
[15:08]  Seifert Surface: it will be a slow changeover? in the sense that its only new compilings to mono that will be affected?
[15:08]  Qarl Linden: what about things that call llSetPos() a lot?
[15:09]  Periapse Linden:  but for most scripts its much more humble, and some functions are actually slower.
[15:09]  Seifert Surface: how is the list manipulation speed?
[15:09]  Vincent Nacon: pretty much need to redo those codes for Mono's speed
[15:09]  Periapse Linden:  What we're actually looking for is a way to get the stats for how an entire region would perform if all of its scripts were compiled to Mono
[15:09]  Qarl Linden: ah...
[15:10]  Qarl Linden: but then you need to find a "perfect" region....
[15:10]  Periapse Linden:  So we're looking for estate owners who are capable of getting all their scripts compiled to Mono
[15:10]  Periapse Linden:  and willing to import their region here and test A-B
[15:10]  Vincent Nacon: I bet Les White would
[15:10]  Vincent Nacon: founder of RaceSL series
[15:10]  Mbrb Rau: How can they do that?
[15:10]  Periapse Linden:  Vincent, thanks, I'll note that. We have a few candidates already.
[15:11]  Vincent Nacon: aww...
[15:11]  Periapse Linden:  Well some groups, like ESC, have detailed performance testing (prolly bot-based).
[15:11]  Qarl Linden: oh nice.
[15:11]  Periapse Linden:  Though I have only heard.
[15:12]  Periapse Linden:  So we're reaching out to sim owners who know how their region's performance characteristics
[15:12]  Vincent Nacon: but might be good to go with physic and script because Les and I worry about sim performance to ensure that the sim will able to serve well with about 30 people
[15:12]  Mbrb Rau: performance tester bot
[15:12]  Periapse Linden:  Yes, good point Vincent
[15:12]  Periapse Linden:  So the two other tibits of Mono news:
[15:12]  Vincent Nacon: but I don't think you have Havok 4 and Mono in one sim yet, do you?
[15:12]  Mbrb Rau: Mono monopoly
[15:13]  Periapse Linden:  1) We are going to start the Big Merge of Mono with havok4 next week
[15:13]  Vincent Nacon: sweet
[15:13]  Siann Beck: Ooh!
[15:13]  Periapse Linden:  and 2) I've got some TG regions imported for Mono beta testing.
[15:13]  Periapse Linden:  Though that prolly won't mean much to you folks, there are a number of teens who've been itching to try Mono
[15:14]  Periapse Linden:  or catch Mono, or something
[15:14]  Vincent Nacon: yeah that I can understand
[15:14]  Siann Beck: lol
[15:14]  Mbrb Rau: They're not the only ones that are curious.
[15:14]  Vincent Nacon: but... doesn't teen have access to be on this grid anyway?
[15:14]  Periapse Linden:  Teen grid regions imported to the beta grid have teen restrictions built in.
[15:14]  Periapse Linden:  So teens, and only teens, can go there.
[15:14]  Vincent Nacon: oh ok
[15:15]  Mbrb Rau: But there's griefers on this grid too.
[15:15]  Periapse Linden:  just like on the main grid
[15:15]  Vincent Nacon: so what else is new?
[15:16]  Mbrb Rau: One thing thats kinda new: Abbotts is gone.
[15:16]  Periapse Linden:  So, that's the news for Mono. Before we start talking about Qarl's new LSL call, any Mono questions?
[15:16]  Vincent Nacon: muhahahaha!
[15:16]  Vincent Nacon: hmm
[15:16]  Periapse Linden:  Siann -- that refresh went ok for you?
[15:16]  Vincent Nacon: I think I did had one... can't recall but it'll come back
[15:16]  Seifert Surface: how is the mono speedup at list manipulation?
[15:16]  Mbrb Rau: My inventory is pretty outdated on here.
[15:16]  Siann Beck: Yes, thank you! Unfortunately, my password didn't get refreshed, but I can deal with it :)
[15:17]  Periapse Linden:  Seifert, I don't know about Lists.
[15:17]  Seifert Surface: k
[15:17]  Seifert Surface: those are one of the big slowdowns in lsl
[15:17]  Vincent Nacon: List seem to be slightly faster but not as much from my experience
[15:17]  Seifert Surface: thanks vincent
[15:18]  Vincent Nacon: like maybe 3 or 4 times faster than 50-300 as expected
[15:18]  Seifert Surface: thats still not bad
[15:18]  Periapse Linden:  Ok, so our special guest today is Qarl.
[15:18]  Qarl Linden: woo.
[15:18]  Periapse Linden:  The Linden who brought you sculpties
[15:18]  Seifert Surface: yay.
[15:18]  Siann Beck: Hello Qarl
[15:19]  Qarl Linden: hey all.
[15:19]  Siann Beck: Cool!
[15:19]  Vincent Nacon: yeah and I think the memories is also shorter, not before script is 64kb now
[15:19]  Rex Cronon: hi
[15:19]  Periapse Linden:  He's back with a great new idea he'd like to get feedback on.
[15:19]  Qarl Linden: so i have to give credit where it's due -
[15:19]  Mbrb Rau: If he didn't make sculpties then the CTH-200 helicopter wouldn't have seats.
[15:19]  Periapse Linden:  So go ahead Qarl and tell us about Detected Touch
[15:19]  Qarl Linden: Seifert originally asked for this feature a year ago.
[15:19]  Vincent Nacon: yeah I believe I fed him some of those ideas.... if he checked his email :P
[15:19]  Qarl Linden: i got sidetracked and didn't get to it 'til now.
[15:20]  Qarl Linden:
[15:20]  Qarl Linden: :)
[15:20]  Seifert Surface: i think people have been asking for it from waaay back in the day
[15:20]  Qarl Linden: yeah, true.
[15:20]  Vincent Nacon: yeah I've been wondering how that will work
[15:20]  Qarl Linden: what we've got here is the ability to get more information about touch events.
[15:20]  Vincent Nacon: by polygon?
[15:20]  Qarl Linden: you get to know where on the surface, and where in world the touch occurs.
[15:20]  Siann Beck: Wow!
[15:20]  Qarl Linden: you get the face number as well.
[15:21]  Vincent Nacon: err... how many faces are there?
[15:21]  Qarl Linden: it's continually updated as the mouse is held down - so you can implement dragging.
[15:21]  Qarl Linden: 6 faces on a cube - etc.
[15:21]  Seifert Surface: vincent: faces as in faces on a prim
[15:21]  Chance Abattoir: Where on the surface, that's rad!
[15:21]  Seifert Surface: 1 face on a default torus
[15:21]  Qarl Linden: and the POSITION, as well.
[15:21]  Vincent Nacon: oh was thinking about sculpty part
[15:21]  Mbrb Rau: If our AV was a prim it's probably a sculptie.
[15:21]  Vincent Nacon: muhahahaha!
[15:21]  Qarl Linden: texture coordinates, etc.
[15:22]  Mbrb Rau: and uses llTakeControls
[15:22]  Siann Beck: That sounds awesome.
[15:22]  Mbrb Rau: or something
[15:22]  Qarl Linden: right now we're asking for feedback - make sure we don't miss anything important.
[15:22]  Seifert Surface: presumably if we ever get 2 sided planar sculpties, theyd have 2 faces
[15:22]  Qarl Linden: presumably. :P
[15:22]  Seifert Surface: :P
[15:22]  Vincent Nacon: wait... didn't we already have something like that
[15:22]  Rex Cronon: i wonder if a new functions would be possibly considered
[15:22]  Vincent Nacon: ?
[15:23]  Vincent Nacon: the drag I think
[15:23]  Qarl Linden: there's a similar call: llDetectedGrab().
[15:23]  Vincent Nacon: yeah
[15:23]  Qarl Linden: but it's not so good for a variety of reasons...
[15:23]  Rex Cronon: list llDetectedTouchAll()
[15:23]  Vincent Nacon: yeah, tried to make a joystick imput by using that
[15:23]  Vincent Nacon: input*
[15:23]  Qarl Linden: it reports movement relative to the camera position...
[15:23]  Vincent Nacon: yeah
[15:23]  Qarl Linden: not so useful.
[15:24]  Vincent Nacon: it was neat at first but meh
[15:24]  Qarl Linden: now you'll be able to put an entire GUI into a texture, and determine with the position info which button was clicked.
[15:24]  Qarl Linden: chess boards, for instance - won't need 64 prims.
[15:24]  Seifert Surface: the continual updating works with the touch event firing lots right?
[15:24]  Siann Beck: That's awesome. A lot of vendors can be re-designed.
[15:25]  Qarl Linden: exactly.
[15:25]  Rex Cronon: could there also be llInputDialog(...)?
[15:25]  Vincent Nacon: so... if we're going to have touch_position on surface, what does it means for html-on-prim?
[15:25]  Seifert Surface: right
[15:25]  Mbrb Rau: 1 prim vendors...
[15:25]  Qarl Linden: yes - that's one of the motivations for this work -
[15:25]  Qarl Linden: so that prim web browsing will be easier for us to implement.
[15:25]  Vincent Nacon: yeah, figured
[15:26]  Mbrb Rau: but thatd create some griefer scripts
[15:26]  Mbrb Rau: with web pages on them
[15:26]  Vincent Nacon: well that's good, hope it won't be much of a problem with flash
[15:26]  Qarl Linden: naw - it'll still be controlled with parcel media...
[15:26]  Mbrb Rau: and they could contain a malicious script or something
[15:26]  Mbrb Rau: oh
[15:26]  Rex Cronon: could it be possible for a script to load a notecard that has html code on a specific face?
[15:26]  Qarl Linden: flash is hard because mozilla has a truly horrible plugin interface.
[15:26]  Vincent Nacon: now that's a thought
[15:26]  Qarl Linden: we're looking at webkit and others for that...
[15:27]  Qarl Linden: maybe notecard->html ... but that's not REALLY useful...
[15:27]  Vincent Nacon: so how the position will work? gobally or local?
[15:27]  Seifert Surface: rex: really you want to be able to alter the webpage on the fly from a script
[15:27]  Qarl Linden: only if you can't get your own webpage.
[15:27]  Seifert Surface: say for a scoreboard or something
[15:27]  Qarl Linden: yes. exactly.
[15:27]  Phantom Ninetails: Greetings
[15:28]  Periapse Linden:  hello, Phantom
[15:28]  Qarl Linden: but you can do a LOT by passing parameters to a webpage in the URL.
[15:28]  Rex Cronon: i want to have display that is not connect to a web page
[15:28]  Phantom Ninetails: :)
[15:28]  Vincent Nacon: and for non-flat surface... how will that set the local position? based on UV map maybe?
[15:28]  Seifert Surface: html file in a string?
[15:28]  Qarl Linden: i've seen an example where HTML is in the parameter...
[15:28]  Qarl Linden: yes - it's the UV map.
[15:28]  Vincent Nacon: ah ok perfect
[15:28]  Chance Abattoir: When will this script go into testing?
[15:28]  Chance Abattoir: function
[15:29]  Qarl Linden: soon - i've got the implementation finished - just a couple more tweaks.
[15:29]  Qarl Linden: a month timeframe, i think.
[15:29]  Qarl Linden: but no promises.
[15:30]  Periapse Linden:  Rex had a couple of questions on possible additional lsl functions?
[15:30]  Periapse Linden looks back at history
[15:30]  Mbrb Rau: llRequestSit?
[15:30]  Qarl Linden: yeah, sorry Rex. go ahead.
[15:30]  Periapse Linden:  one was a list
[15:30]  Mbrb Rau: It'd give them a dialog, and if they click yes, they sit on the object.
[15:30]  Rex Cronon: list llDetectedTouchAll(integer n)
[15:31]  Qarl Linden: and what does that do?
[15:31]  Siann Beck: Not a bad idea, if that's what I think you mean.
[15:31]  Mbrb Rau: It's exactly what you think.
[15:31]  Rex Cronon: returns a list with results for all the other functions
[15:31]  Qarl Linden: hmmm... maybe.
[15:31]  Siann Beck: All the llDetected* functions rolled into one.
[15:31]  Qarl Linden: that would be slower and less efficient than just calling the functions you want...
[15:32]  Periapse Linden:  Why would you want that?
[15:32]  Vincent Nacon: not sure how that's different
[15:32]  Seifert Surface: and you could write your own...
[15:32]  Rex Cronon: but if i want to call all of them, than it would be faster
[15:32]  Periapse Linden:  Rex, when do you need to call them all?
[15:32]  Qarl Linden: yeah - the fact that it could be implemented as a resident-written function means we're less likely to put it in the API.
[15:32]  Periapse Linden:  Do you have a use case?
[15:33]  Rex Cronon: right now, no use case
[15:33]  Vincent Nacon: it's like having a touch event on hold as touches pile up.... like the email call
[15:33]  Seifert Surface: any thoughts on mouseover events?
[15:33]  Vincent Nacon: which I can't understand why you need that?
[15:33]  Qarl Linden: hover events?
[15:33]  Seifert Surface: yeah
[15:33]  Qarl Linden: hmmm...
[15:33]  Qarl Linden: that would be hard...
[15:34]  Qarl Linden: it takes a bit of work to compute the coordinates...
[15:34]  Qarl Linden: so it would add to client lag.
[15:34]  Seifert Surface: yeah it would be laggy
[15:34]  Vincent Nacon: yeah
[15:34]  Rex Cronon: each time i would call all these functions i would introduce additional delays
[15:34]  Qarl Linden: maybe once we get all the other lag fixed. :)
[15:34]  Siann Beck: It seems like it would be pretty laggy -- I could trigger a dozen events just sweeping my mouse across the screen.
[15:34]  Phantom Ninetails: It could also make for objects that'll annoy you if you try to figure out who owns them
[15:34]  Qarl Linden: Siann - more like hundreds.
[15:35]  Qarl Linden: HEH.
[15:35]  Siann Beck: Hundreds, even :)
[15:35]  Mbrb Rau: If it can be used to grief, don't create it.
[15:35]  Qarl Linden: that's a hard call, tho.
[15:35]  Vincent Nacon: oh about the touch position.... how will you set the unit?
[15:35]  Mbrb Rau: Or add a delay.
[15:35]  Qarl Linden: html-on-a-prim can be used to grief too...
[15:35]  Mbrb Rau: Yes.
[15:35]  Vincent Nacon: maybe based on its texture's size?
[15:35]  Mbrb Rau: It might be good, but it's also bad.
[15:35]  Qarl Linden: for llDetectedTouchPos() - the units are region coordinates.
[15:36]  Qarl Linden: for llDetectedTouchUV() - the units are 0 to 1, in UV space.
[15:36]  Vincent Nacon: yeah... for UV one I mean
[15:36]  Qarl Linden: we're also adding a function to return the TEXTURE coordinates...
[15:36]  Qarl Linden: its units will depend on how many repeats are in the texture.
[15:36]  Mbrb Rau: cant see my objects
[15:37]  Vincent Nacon: well actually... maybe 0-1 sounds good enough
[15:37]  Mbrb Rau: ...until I rez my bot
[15:37]  Seifert Surface: i was just reading that bit on the wiki qarl
[15:37]  Seifert Surface: seems useful
[15:37]  Qarl Linden: yeah - there's been a bit of discussion about it.
[15:37]  Seifert Surface: err, jira i mean
[15:37]  Qarl Linden: clicking on a moving monkey.
[15:37]  Qarl Linden: :)
[15:37]  Mbrb Rau: The helicopter seems to spam, so I'll remove it.
[15:38]  Qarl Linden: again - it's a case where it could be implemented by a resident-written function...
[15:38]  Qarl Linden: but it's so useful, we kinda have to put it in.
[15:38]  Mbrb Rau: and then be prepared for new griefing objects
[15:39]  Chance Abattoir: Planning something?
[15:39]  Rex Cronon: could there be just one functions, llDetectedTouch(int nr, int type), where type can be: face, pos, uv, normal, binormal
[15:39]  Qarl Linden: i don't think it can be used to grief?
[15:39]  Chance Abattoir: ;)
[15:39]  Mbrb Rau: not that
[15:39]  Qarl Linden: Rex - our API doesn't typically work that way.
[15:39]  Qarl Linden: for example - there's no equivallent for the existing llDetected* calls.
[15:39]  Vincent Nacon: it'll grief.... not faster, but more creative
[15:40]  Rex Cronon: what r u talking about? that are already functions that take constants
[15:40]  Photon Pink: they have diffrent return types too. face is int
[15:41]  Seifert Surface: interactions with texture animation?
[15:41]  Mbrb Rau: What's with all that madonna clutter
[15:41]  Vincent Nacon: so what about in-world editor for sculpty, I figured Mono may come handy in processing
[15:41]  Vincent Nacon: (whoops I'll wait a bit)
[15:41]  Qarl Linden: Seifert - yes - that's an important factor. the new call will properly get the texture coordinate from an animating texture.
[15:42]  Seifert Surface: cool
[15:42]  Seifert Surface: iirc there was some annoyance with texture animation and type
[15:42]  Saijanai Kuhn: does that include web-on-prim textures?
[15:42]  Siann Beck: That's what it's leading up to, Sai.
[15:42]  Qarl Linden: yes.
[15:42]  Seifert Surface: somewhere there was an integer that should be a float for smooth animations
[15:42]  Saijanai Kuhn: so eventually interactive flash games in SL...
[15:42]  Mbrb Rau: yay
[15:43]  Qarl Linden: heh - you missed the part where i talked about flash being a major pain.
[15:43]  Saijanai Kuhn: now I can play tower defense in-world
[15:43]  Phantom Ninetails: lol
[15:43]  Qarl Linden: but yes - we VERY MUCH understand that flash is important.
[15:43]  Rex Cronon: how about applets?
[15:43]  Qarl Linden: yes - java too.
[15:43]  Mbrb Rau: falling sand in world
[15:43]  Qarl Linden: but we'll probably have to abandon mozilla for those....
[15:44]  Mbrb Rau: and require them to install java?
[15:44]  Seifert Surface: whats the precision like on the returned data from the new functions? presumably its at pixel size?
[15:44]  Saijanai Kuhn: OH, BTW< xvg doesn't work with mozlib :-(
[15:44]  Saijanai Kuhn: svg*
[15:44]  Qarl Linden: optional, of course. just like webbrowsers.
[15:44]  Vincent Nacon: have no idea what that was
[15:44]  Mbrb Rau: I see
[15:44]  Qarl Linden: xvg?
[15:44]  Vincent Nacon: SWG?
[15:45]  Saijanai Kuhn: svg
[15:45]  Qarl Linden: OH - no?
[15:45]  Saijanai Kuhn: Scalable Vector Graphics
[15:45]  Qarl Linden: yes.
[15:45]  Vincent Nacon: oh that
[15:45]  Rex Cronon: java is an addon just like flash:)
[15:45]  Saijanai Kuhn: doesn't work with the browser popup at least
[15:45]  Qarl Linden: that's very odd... have you filed a JIRA for it?
[15:45]  Qarl Linden: it should.
[15:46]  Saijanai Kuhn:
[15:46]  Mbrb Rau: that is a download
[15:47]  Saijanai Kuhn: ah, well the beta client doesn't pup up windows so I cann't show it. Doesn't work in the RC 3 though
[15:47]  Saijanai Kuhn: doesn't POP* up web pages
[15:47]  Qarl Linden: hmmm... doesn't work in firefox either... so that's likely the root problem.
[15:47]  Mbrb Rau: Copybot is still a growing problem.
[15:48]  Vincent Nacon: aye
[15:48]  Saijanai Kuhn: so, can wer find svg samples that DO work with firefox...
[15:48]  Qarl Linden: that's a HUGE topic for another day, i think.
[15:48]  Saijanai Kuhn: its a big headache for the AWG too
[15:49]  Qarl Linden: copybot?
[15:49]  Mbrb Rau: We seen it all before.
[15:49]  Periapse Linden:  Not here to talk about copybot
[15:49]  Qarl Linden: HEH.
[15:49]  Mbrb Rau: I know that.
[15:49]  Saijanai Kuhn: Giggs proposed doing away with all permissions anyway at the open source meeting. Zha droped everything and logged on an alt to attend
[15:49]  Rex Cronon: oh, loading a notcard that svg data to a face that can be very interesting
[15:49]  Saijanai Kuhn: so... all that stuff is being funneled to its own meeting, just an FYI
[15:50]  Qarl Linden: yeah.
[15:50]  Seifert Surface: re: whats the precision like on the returned data from the new functions? presumably its at pixel size?
[15:50]  Qarl Linden: it's a hard hard problem.
[15:50]  Qarl Linden: the music industry is spending billions to try to fix it.
[15:50]  Mbrb Rau: fix what?
[15:50]  Qarl Linden: digital copying.
[15:50]  Vincent Nacon: MP3 rip
[15:50]  Mbrb Rau: ic
[15:51]  Rex Cronon: next time u want to play music u chould have to take a dna test:)
[15:51]  Vincent Nacon: they just need to stick with netradio than having MP3 players
[15:51]  Qarl Linden: well - we're nearing the end of our hour....
[15:51]  Periapse Linden:  So any other questions for Qarl about detected touch, or for me about Mono?
[15:51]  Siann Beck: Did you get Seifert's last Q?
[15:51]  Qarl Linden: OH SORRY.
[15:51]  Vincent Nacon: well I do have some question about your sculpty plan for clothes and hair
[15:51]  Seifert Surface: :P
[15:51]  Rex Cronon: will these functions be available only in mono?
[15:52]  Mbrb Rau: Is mono replacing havok4?
[15:52]  Qarl Linden: it will be pixel level, yes.
[15:52]  Vincent Nacon: no joining
[15:52]  Simil Miles: How many new functions and events handler will come with mono ?
[15:52]  Vincent Nacon: Havok is physic
[15:52]  Periapse Linden:  havok4 and mono will be merged
[15:52]  Qarl Linden: we're using a raycast to compute the values.
[15:52]  Seifert Surface: so zoom in closer and you get better numbers
[15:52]  Vincent Nacon: mono is scripting
[15:52]  Mbrb Rau: I see
[15:52]  Qarl Linden: yes, because the mouse position is quantized...
[15:52]  Periapse Linden:  Simil -- none
[15:52]  Mbrb Rau: Havok4 really messes up this helicopter.
[15:52]  Seifert Surface: good thing uv coords are floats
[15:52]  Periapse Linden:  We aren't adding functions yet that are Mono only
[15:53]  Vincent Nacon: when those two merges, we'll have caption planet to save... I mean ....
[15:53]  Mbrb Rau: And causes it to fall to the ground.
[15:53]  Simil Miles: Except the touch thing ?
[15:53]  Qarl Linden: no no - the touch stuff is in old LSL.
[15:53]  Vincent Nacon: so any new plan/thoughts for sculpty clothes and hair yet?
[15:53]  Qarl Linden: HEH.
[15:54]  Saijanai Kuhn: hm... did I crash or did sim?
[15:54]  Qarl Linden: no NEW thoughts... the existing plan is to implement skin weights...
[15:54]  Siann Beck: Just you, Sai.
[15:54]  Rex Cronon: sim didn't crash
[15:54]  Qarl Linden: on the "someday" list.
[15:54]  Saijanai Kuhn is so happy. Still ruthed also
[15:54]  Vincent Nacon: yeah alrighty
[15:54]  Vincent Nacon: and one thing that I've always wanted...... can we have Normals map?
[15:55]  Qarl Linden: oh - and i just finished a slight improvement for ruth...
[15:55]  Qarl Linden: Ruth is now an amorphous cloud.
[15:55]  Siann Beck: Hm?
[15:55]  Vincent Nacon: replace the old bump map with normals with spector in alpha channel
[15:55]  Rex Cronon: is it going to be anatomically correct?
[15:55]  Qarl Linden: no longer an ugly dwarf.
[15:55]  Phantom Ninetails: lol
[15:55]  Seifert Surface: for real?
[15:55]  Qarl Linden: an anatomically correct amorphous cloud, yes.
[15:55]  Periapse Linden:  with attachments?
[15:56]  Vincent Nacon: oh god, youre making Ruth a giant now?
[15:56]  Qarl Linden: no attachments on Ruth, no.
[15:56]  Seifert Surface: what colour?
[15:56]  Qarl Linden: hang on - screen shot...
[15:56]  Vincent Nacon: sweet
[15:56]  Saijanai Kuhn: white, with a cute little smiley face and a baker's hat...
[15:56]  Phantom Ninetails: lol
[15:56]  Siann Beck: So, if someone gets ruthed, they'll look like a cloud?
[15:57]  Chance Abattoir: oi.... crashed. Can anyone pass me the chat after this line:  [15:53] Simil Miles: Except the touch thing ?
[15:57]  Vincent Nacon: I guess I'm going to miss my Ruth boobs one of these days
[15:57]  Seifert Surface: certainly amorphous so far
[15:57]  Qarl Linden: hmmm...
[15:57]  Vincent Nacon: still rezzing
[15:58]  Qarl Linden: maybe snapshots don't work on the beta gird?
[15:58]  Periapse Linden:  looks like the texture is ruthed ;-)
[15:58]  Saijanai Kuhn: the main world had an alert that the assert server is messed up
[15:58]  Siann Beck: lol
[15:58]  Phantom Ninetails: lol
[15:58]  Vincent Nacon: post it on a web?
[15:58]  Chance Abattoir: Can someone pass me the chat from 15:53-15:57?
[15:58]  Vincent Nacon: yeah I can paste the log
[15:58]  Chance Abattoir: Thank you :)
[15:58]  Siann Beck: yw
[15:58]  Periapse Linden:  Chance, I'll post the whole chat on the Mono beta faq page
[15:58]  Vincent Nacon: n/m
[15:58]  Vincent Nacon: hmm still grey to me
[15:58]  Qarl Linden: oh well - you'll meet her soon enough.
[15:59]  Vincent Nacon: aww
[15:59]  Saijanai Kuhn: me too. Guessing that the ssert server issue is affecting aditi also
[15:59]  Periapse Linden:  Ok, time for one more question
[15:59]  Rex Cronon: chance, transcript for this office hour is available on the wiki, usually
[15:59]  Phantom Ninetails: Is the new ruth a server change or client change?
[15:59]  Periapse Linden:  Yes, Sai, there is only one asset cluster
[15:59]  Qarl Linden: client.
[15:59]  Phantom Ninetails: Alrighty
[15:59]  Rex Cronon: i didn't get to see the new and "improved" ruth:(
[16:00]  Qarl Linden: which is why i'm seeing it now. :)
[16:00]  Vincent Nacon: it never loaded
[16:00]  Vincent Nacon: next time then, Rex
[16:00]  Saijanai Kuhn is an amorphous cloud Wheeeee (channeling Torley)
[16:00]  Rex Cronon: is that the improvement, invisiblity?
[16:01]  Qarl Linden: ok all - time to get dinner (i'm in the central timezone today.)
[16:01]  Rex Cronon: bye qarl
[16:01]  Phantom Ninetails: Sayonara
[16:01]  Siann Beck: Thanks for the info, Qarl.
[16:01]  Seifert Surface: have fun q
[16:01]  Periapse Linden:  Thanks all for coming. And thanks Qarl.
[16:01]  Saijanai Kuhn: Take care qarl
[16:01]  Qarl Linden: Rex - it's better than the naked dwarf, i think.
[16:01]  Chance Abattoir: Bye, qarl
[16:01]  Qarl Linden: ya'll have a fantastic weekend.
[16:01]  Move: Anchor on.
[16:01]  Vincent Nacon: you too
[16:02]  Vincent Nacon: yeah but that's kinda a big change after a long long while
[16:02]  Rex Cronon: the anticipation is playing havok with me:)
[16:02]  Rex Cronon: u too
[16:02]  Qarl Linden: now to go move my sim.
[16:02]  Periapse Linden:  lol
[16:02]  Seifert Surface: heh
[16:02]  Periapse Linden:  bye everyone, i'll post the chat log
[16:02]  Vincent Nacon: but think about Normals map replacing old bumpmap!
[16:02]  Rex Cronon: by peiapse
[16:02]  Gregory McLeod: bye
[16:02]  Saijanai Kuhn: thanks Mr. P
[16:02]  Rex Cronon: periapse*
[16:02]  Chance Abattoir: Thanks, Periapse
[16:02]  Qarl Linden is Offline
[16:02]  Vincent Nacon: heheh