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[8:09]  Cago Hax: hi
[8:09]  You: hi cago, are you here for the office hour?
[8:09]  Cago Hax: beware
[8:09]  Cago Hax: nope
[8:09]  You: hi mbrb
[8:09]  Cago Hax: testing the mono
[8:09]  You: great
[8:09]  You: how are you getting on?
[8:10]  Mbrb Rau: I'm not called "great".
[8:10]  You: are all your scripts working cago?
[8:10]  Cago Hax: yes
[8:10]  Mbrb Rau: I tried making this also.
[8:11]  Mbrb Rau: It uses llFrand to choose which color it will be.
[8:11]  Cago Hax: i came few months ago and the llMessageLinked didn't work
[8:11]  Cago Hax: now it does
[8:11]  Cago Hax: yes
[8:11]  You: excellent news
[8:11]  Mbrb Rau: what
[8:11]  You: that cagos scripts work now
[8:11]  Mbrb Rau: oh
[8:11]  Mbrb Rau: mine seem to as well
[8:12]  Little Purple Dragon: Frying tonight!!
[8:12]  Cago Hax: oops
[8:12]  Mbrb Rau: and this didnt work right
[8:12]  Mbrb Rau: all the dragons came out at once
[8:12]  Mbrb Rau: because I didnt use else
[8:12]  Cago Hax: you're all LL employees ?
[8:12]  You: scouse and i are, yes
[8:12]  You: we're the engineers working on mono
[8:12]  Cago Hax: oh ok good
[8:12]  Cago Hax: enchanted
[8:13]  You: likewise
[8:13]  Cago Hax: im in France
[8:13]  Cago Hax: ab it far away haha
[8:13]  You: we're in brighton
[8:13]  Mbrb Rau: It seems, that using llFrand to choose which object will be rezzed, is impossible.
[8:13]  You: so only 30 miles or so away from france
[8:13]  Cago Hax: ok good
[8:14]  Cago Hax: this the URP universal rezzing processor
[8:14]  You: would you mind me looking at your code mbrb?
[8:14]  Mbrb Rau: k
[8:14]  Mbrb Rau: I'll re rez the egg
[8:14]  You: cago, we've been working on improving performance of rezzing objects with mono
[8:14]  You: but that work is not deployed yet
[8:14]  You: so you might find mono slower atm
[8:14]  Mbrb Rau: I cant get it to rez a random object
[8:14]  Mbrb Rau: it only rezzes one
[8:15]  Cago Hax: well it is way more faster so far
[8:15]  Cago Hax: than basic LSL 2
[8:15]  You: can we look at the script mbrb
[8:15]  Mbrb Rau: its ok if you do
[8:15]  Mbrb Rau: so yes
[8:15]  You: cago, for math, mono is 100s of times faster
[8:16]  Cago Hax: ok good
[8:16]  You: there are a couple of corner cases where mono is slower
[8:16]  You: rezzing is one of them
[8:16]  Mbrb Rau: In other words, "jet vs snail"
[8:16]  You: but we're working on it
[8:16]  Cago Hax: yes rezzingis quite the same
[8:16]  You: most library calls should run at around the same speed
[8:16]  You: as most are calling the same C++
[8:16]  You: or set the script to sleep
[8:17]  Cago Hax: Mcube
[8:17]  Mbrb Rau: the egg doesnt hatch of course until I give it the go ahead
[8:17]  Mbrb Rau: which makes it easier to edit and stuff
[8:17]  You: we'd like to find good examples of rezzing scripts to test
[8:17]  You: if you have any
[8:18]  Cago Hax: there's somthing wrong
[8:18]  Cago Hax: you see than cone shouldnt be reversed
[8:18]  You: and to know whether mostly you rez multiple copies of the same object, or many different ones
[8:19]  You: could you try to write a minimal repro for us cago?
[8:19]  You: that demonstrates the problem
[8:19]  Cago Hax: well
[8:19]  Scouse Linden: comparison screenshots might be useful too
[8:19]  Cago Hax: the script do not beg it to reverse
[8:19]  Cago Hax: default rot is ZERO_ROTATION
[8:20]  Cago Hax: when i clean same figure the base rotate 360 degree
[8:21]  Mbrb Rau: seen this effect before?
[8:21]  Cago Hax: nice 8)
[8:21]  Mbrb Rau: its fun to mess around with
[8:22]  You: so, we've found a bug with textures and rezzing already today?
[8:22]  Mbrb Rau: its a bit like bees & wasps
[8:22]  Mbrb Rau: some are fun some are bad
[8:22]  Cago Hax: not really a bug since the outcome is similar
[8:23]  You: if it's a change in behaviour then we should try to fix it
[8:23]  You: so it doesn't break anyone's scripts
[8:23]  Mbrb Rau: it hasnt really changed
[8:23]  Mbrb Rau: and theres nothing I know of it's broken
[8:23]  Mbrb Rau: its also used in dance spheres
[8:23]  Cago Hax: seems the ZERO_ROTATION is the opposite than with LSL2 but the sense still correct
[8:24]  Mbrb Rau: so they can make themselves blue, red, black, etc
[8:24]  Scouse Linden: /
[8:24]  Scouse Linden: How are you animating the script?
[8:24]  Mbrb Rau: the scrolling texture?
[8:24]  Scouse Linden: Yes LlSetTextureAnim
[8:24]  You: ok, thanks cago, we'll look in to it
[8:24]  Scouse Linden: /
[8:24]  Mbrb Rau: heres script thats in it
[8:24]  Mbrb Rau: if you want to know
[8:25]  Mbrb Rau: and the rest I did by editing the prim
[8:25]  Mbrb Rau: Begin twist: -180 End twist: -180
[8:25]  Mbrb Rau: the outside transparancy is 1
[8:25]  Cago Hax: i gonna try something...
[8:26]  Mbrb Rau: and so is the inside
[8:26]  Mbrb Rau: "sandman"
[8:27]  Cago Hax: ok perfect for the first step
[8:28]  Mbrb Rau: also
[8:28]  Cago Hax: mono
[8:28]  Mbrb Rau: when in a damage zone, and you're in a vehicle
[8:28]  Mbrb Rau: when hit by a bullet anywhere
[8:28]  Mbrb Rau: the driver is instantly killed
[8:28]  Mbrb Rau: as if it isn't there
[8:29]  Mbrb Rau: Is it intentional?
[8:29]  Cago Hax: ok all works
[8:30]  Cago Hax: just a minor problem if i downt change the base rotationwhich is zero rotation otherwise the cone (phantom rezzer) is up side down
[8:31]  Mbrb Rau: Is what I mentioned last a glitch?
[8:32]  Scouse Linden: hello
[8:32]  Phantom Ninetails: What'd I miss? Greetings
[8:32]  Cago Hax: hi
[8:32]  Mbrb Rau: (When a vehicle in a damage zone is hit by a bullet, no matter where, the driver instantly dies.)
[8:32]  Scouse Linden: Nothing of note
[8:33]  Phantom Ninetails: :)
[8:33]  You: /
[8:33]  Cago Hax: heloo phantom...
[8:33]  You: mbrb, is that a mono only problem?
[8:33]  Phantom Ninetails: Hello
[8:34]  Mbrb Rau: I really don't know, I only tested it on here
[8:34]  Mbrb Rau: I enter this tank, and then I move a damage bullet into the back of it. And there we go.
[8:34]  Scouse Linden: Phantom: We're looking at improving time to rez scripts
[8:34]  Scouse Linden: Do you have any repro's which show mono being slower than LSL
[8:34]  Scouse Linden: ?
[8:35]  Phantom Ninetails: Hmm, I see.. Nope I've never seen Mono go slower than LSL, only faster (considerably)
[8:35]  Scouse Linden: Ah good
[8:35]  Phantom Ninetails: :)
[8:36]  Cago Hax: we could test with my URP..but the LSL code fails here , while idoesn't in common SL and with mono
[8:36]  Cago Hax: imean Sl second life
[8:36]  Cago Hax: common world
[8:37]  Cago Hax: no the beta
[8:37]  Mbrb Rau: anyone wants the sphere it's there free to copy
[8:37]  Scouse Linden: /
[8:37]  Scouse Linden: "but the LSL code fails here"?
[8:37]  Scouse Linden: /
[8:37]  Object: Hello, Avatar!
[8:37]  Scouse Linden: What does it fail with?
[8:37]  Cago Hax: yes it works in common SL world and here says...wait a minute...
[8:38]  Object: this did not fail
[8:38]  Mbrb Rau: they must of fixed it
[8:38]  SLezzer_MONO [script:SLezz_manager]: Script run-time error
[8:38]  SLezzer_MONO [script:SLezz_manager]: Bounds Check Error
[8:38]  Scouse Linden: they? They == me and babbage
[8:38]  You: /
[8:38]  Cago Hax: SLezzer_MONO [script:SLezz_manager]: Bounds Check Error
[8:38]  Cago Hax: you see
[8:39]  You: can we look?
[8:39]  Object: Hello, Avatar!
[8:39]  Cago Hax: /
[8:39]  Cago Hax: you want to look the script ?
[8:40]  You: yes please
[8:40]  Cago Hax: ok wait a minute
[8:40]  Mbrb Rau: this works
[8:40]  Mbrb Rau: and is not mono
[8:40]  Mbrb Rau: lets see what happens if it is mono
[8:41]  Mbrb Rau: strange, all my scripts seem to work
[8:41]  Cago Hax gave you SLezz_manager.
[8:41]  Object: Hello, Avatar!
[8:41]  Cago Hax: this stuff uses 4 scripts
[8:41]  Object [script:New Script]: Script run-time error
[8:41]  Object [script:New Script]: Bounds Check Error
[8:41]  Cago Hax: simultaneously
[8:42]  Phantom Ninetails: Hmmm
[8:42]  Phantom Ninetails: I've noticed that PRIM_TEMP_ON_REZ can't be set with the LSL VM here..
[8:42]  Phantom Ninetails: default { state_entry() { llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_TEMP_ON_REZ, TRUE]); } }
[8:43]  Entering god mode, level 200
[8:43]  You: good catch phantom
[8:43]  Phantom Ninetails: :)
[8:43]  SLezzer_LSL2 [script:Menu_manager]: Script run-time error
[8:43]  SLezzer_LSL2 [script:Menu_manager]: Bounds Check Error
[8:43]  You: cago, could you write us a minimal script that demonstrates your problem please?
[8:43]  Mbrb Rau: it never triggers the touch event
[8:43]  Mbrb Rau: and says nothing
[8:44]  You: the script you sent me is pretty big
[8:44]  Cago Hax: yeah ...well duno it works in second life
[8:44]  Cago Hax: in works in mono
[8:44]  a4: 5976.247000
[8:44]  a4: 4933.994000
[8:44]  a4: 6608.671000
[8:44]  Mbrb Rau: I see now
[8:44]  Mbrb Rau: it is because
[8:44]  Cago Hax: but don't work in LSl2 here..just the scrip i gave you and other one included in the conic phatom rezzer
[8:45]  Mbrb Rau: llResetScript interfered with it
[8:45]  Mbrb Rau: my mistake
[8:47]  You: phantom, have you made a jira task for the problem you've found?
[8:47]  Phantom Ninetails: Not yet
[8:47]  Mbrb Rau: see that?
[8:47]  You: if you could, that would be great
[8:48]  Phantom Ninetails: Alrighty
[8:48]  Mbrb Rau: filled sphere inpenetrates hollow sphere, and they go flying
[8:49]  Phantom Ninetails: Hmm... I'm gonna go check this TEMP_ON_REZ in the non-Mono regions, brb
[8:50]  Phantom Ninetails: Crashed in the Havok1 and Havok4 regions too
[8:51]  Mbrb Rau: gonna change my av, I'll brb here
[8:51]  SLezzer_LSL2 [script:SLezz_manager]: Script run-time error
[8:51]  SLezzer_LSL2 [script:SLezz_manager]: Bounds Check Error
[8:51]  Skybox: Have a seat, Mbrb Rau.
[8:51]  Skybox: Script reset.
[8:51]  Skybox: Moving to 300 meters.
[8:51]  Phantom Ninetails: Hard to decide what affected version to set..
[8:51]  Cago Hax: what does mean 'bounds check error' anyway ?
[8:52]  You: it's used whenever the LSL2 VM gets confused
[8:52]  SLezzer_LSL2 [script:Menu_manager]: Script run-time error
[8:52]  SLezzer_LSL2 [script:Menu_manager]: Bounds Check Error
[8:52]  You: often it means that a register has started pointing outside a script
[8:52]  Cago Hax: hum...
[8:52]  You: but it is used as a general error when the VM state stops making sense
[8:52]  Mbrb Rau: size matters
[8:53]  Phantom Ninetails: Should I set affected version to Mono Beta?
[8:53]  Cago Hax: can we mix lsl2 and mono in runtime ...i mean script using different language but working together ?
[8:53]  Kelly Linden is Online
[8:53]  Scouse Linden: You can link it
[8:53]  Scouse Linden: As we can look at fixing it anyway
[8:53]  Cago Hax: can or cant
[8:54]  You: LSL scripts running on LSL2 and Mono VMs can send link messages to each other
[8:54]  Cago Hax: ok
[8:54]  Cago Hax: good
[8:54]  Cago Hax: so we can test
[8:54]  SLezzer_LSL2 [script:SLezz_manager]: Script run-time error
[8:54]  SLezzer_LSL2 [script:SLezz_manager]: Bounds Check Error
[8:55]  Kelly Linden is Offline
[8:55]  SLezzer_LSL2 [script:Menu_manager]: Script run-time error
[8:55]  SLezzer_LSL2 [script:Menu_manager]: Bounds Check Error
[8:56]  Phantom Ninetails: SVC-2309
[8:56]  You: ta
[8:56]  Cago Hax: nah doesn't work if i turn the script that shows problem to mono
[8:56]  Cago Hax: scripts dont dialog anymore
[8:57]  SLezzer_LSL2 [script:SLezz_manager]: Script run-time error
[8:57]  SLezzer_LSL2 [script:SLezz_manager]: Bounds Check Error
[8:57]  Cago Hax: maybe its because i use almost the same integer names in distincts scripts...
[8:58]  SLezzer_LSL2 [script:SLezz_manager]: Script run-time error
[8:58]  SLezzer_LSL2 [script:SLezz_manager]: Bounds Check Error
[9:01]  Kelly Linden is Online
[9:02]  Cago Hax: mono
[9:03]  Cago Hax: mono
[9:03]  Kelly Linden is Offline
[9:04]  Mbrb Rau: you're going?
[9:04]  You: cago, we need to head off, if you manage to track this problem down, please send me an IM or create a JIRA task for it
[9:04]  Cago Hax: yeah but i have no idea what's wrong with
[9:04]  Cago Hax: you see all works perfectly
[9:05]  You: ok, well, thanks for looking in to it
[9:05]  You: and thanks for your bug report phantom
[9:05]  Cago Hax: ill try to figure it out anyway
[9:05]  Phantom Ninetails: Glad to help :)
[9:05]  Cago Hax: must be lil detail in the code
[9:05]  Cago Hax: local integer something like that
[9:05]  Phantom Ninetails: Looking forward to Mono on the main grid
[9:06]  Mbrb Rau: me as well
[9:06]  Phantom Ninetails: :>
[9:06]  You: we're nearly there, thanks to you all :-D
[9:06]  Super Collider v2.1.A.TL2: hit by cube (Cago Hax)
[9:06]  Phantom Ninetails: ^_^
[9:06]  Cago Hax: oopp\
[9:07]  You: thanks for coming everyone, hopefully we'll see you next time